Sazae-san Exhibition Matsuyama. 45th Anniversary of Anime “Sazae-san” Broadcast “Thank You 45th Anniversary! Everyone’s Sazae-san Exhibition”[Ticket Pia | Ticket Information / Sales]

Sazae-san Exhibition Matsuyama | 🀟 45th Anniversary of Anime “Sazae-san” Broadcast “Thank You 45th Anniversary! Everyone’s Sazae-san Exhibition”[Ticket Pia | Ticket Information / Sales]

☒ In addition, a reprinted version of the first volume of this B5 size horizontal binding has been on sale at the Hasegawa Machiko Museum of Art since April 27, 2013. Azusa said, “I was looking forward to it all the time.


  • At the venue of the 45th anniversary exhibition, was sold, but this time it is possible to purchase towels from Kaiyama Shoji.

  • This work is not so-called, but consists of a consistent stage and relatively independent episodes in which characters appear.

  • “” (1957) β€’ Started serialization on “Asahi Shimbun” (morning edition), interrupted serialization β€’ Although it is not an Osaka dialect, the face and voice that people like are messed up.

Sazae Matsuyama Exhibition

βŒ› Namihei: β€’ Katsuo-kun, isn’t the facial part too close to the center? My fingers are too real and it seems to move at any moment.


  • Tara is laughing innocently, but Wakame is so glossy that she’s kind of confused.

  • “Sazae-san’s ” (ed., 2006) includes “Sazae-san’s Sex Life” published in 1972 with this work as a textbook.

  • The anime “Sazae-san” started broadcasting on Sunday, October 5, 1969, and has been loved by people of all ages as a national animation, and in 2019, it celebrated its 50th anniversary. ..

Sazae Matsuyama Exhibition

😎 Kanzaki (Masoo’s client): β€’ Managing Director (Namihei’s boss): (3-) β€’ Sazae-san released. Performance period: August 1-23, 1978 β€’ A detailed episode related to the publication of the book is introduced in “Sazae-san Uchiakewa”.Noriske: β€’ Music [ ] A song produced as a cartoon image song.


  • This format was followed until the closing of the sister company, and the first volume was later changed to B6.

  • It is based on the world of the anime version, not the original.

  • He gently cares for Tarao and Ikura, who appear in the litigation, and makes friends with bonito. This also follows the image of the wakame seaweed in the anime, but it is growing beautifully.

Sazae Matsuyama Exhibition

😜 He told his neighbor that the source was derived from a small talk with his neighbor that he was Machiko Hasegawa’s older sister. Sazae” [ ]β€’ Mr. Sazae was drawn in the Tokyo regional edition published in 1998. A similar book is “Sazae-san’s Secret” (Setagaya Sazae-san Study Group, published by Data House, 1993), which has been reprinted several times with different bindings.


  • At the Sazae-san exhibition, I have experienced the real feeling of bonito’s head and the feeling of Sazae-san! Anime 50th Anniversary Special Project Sazae-san Exhibition THE REAL.

  • Also, in the same series, a name such as “Namio” appears).

  • In response to this, in the summer of (1997), the Hasegawa Machiko Museum of Art and others (plaintiffs) filed a lawsuit against a company that was planning and manufacturing goods as an infringement.

Sazae Matsuyama Exhibition

πŸ™ƒ A boy who sees Tara as a rival. There are several experience booths in the venue. Greengrocer: β€’ Music: β€’ ”was dismissed.

  • In 1976, when the ruling was issued, (currently) was commercialized for the first time.

  • On the contrary, there is a case that the book sent to Hasegawa saying “a fake book is out” was actually an early book by the reader who did not notice that the design had changed. ..

  • Planning / Producing: β€’ The alley on the side of the shopping street has been renamed as of 2015, which was named “Namihei-dori” after this.

🀞 In the anime, he is a quiet and well-understood “good boy,” but in the original, he is a bit violent. When Katsuo gets sick, she rushes right away. “” Color from this work β€’ One is a work posted in the “NG Grand Prize” corner in the reader-participation type “” of “” sold in the latter half of the 1980s, and spread from there by imitating the reader. The one.


  • Is the hair under the nose the nose hair? Or is it a beard …

  • Shrine maiden: (Fuji TV announcer) Part 4 and others β€’ Karu Isasaka: (2-3) β€’ My ears are small.

  • Part 3: Aired in 2011 as a special program for the New Year and “65th Anniversary of Sazae-san’s Birth” (65th year since the original was born).

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