SBA to Recruit Creative Forces in 2021 – E-Newspaper

Seoul Industry Promotion Agency (SBA) is recruiting one-person media creator group ‘Creative Force’ until the 18th.

Creative Force is supported as a shared growth partner by promoting the products and services of excellent SMEs with the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Any creator who is active in Seoul and has experience in uploading 10 or more content to their YouTube channel regardless of content field or number of subscribers can apply. It is possible to apply for a company or a team by applying for a YouTube channel unit.

SBA selects a total of 25 creators. SBA Strategic Industry Headquarters plans to give preference to creators specialized in content industries such as animation, webtoon, games, and characters, as well as creators specialized in digital transformation (DX) and artificial intelligence (AI), which are the main support areas, and link it with various businesses.

Of the 25 teams, 5 teams will be selected as ‘Chinese Kpo’.

Applicants wishing to go to China should indicate on the application form, which is an option, in the Chinese box.

Selected creators receive free support for a one-person media studio and camera rental in Sangam-dong, Seoul. You can participate in systematic education, mentoring, and monthly networking.

Creators wishing to apply for Creative Force can submit an application on the SBA website by the 18th. The selection results will be announced on the 26th of this month.

Park Bo-kyung, head of SBA’s Strategic Industry Headquarters, said, “We plan to foster excellent creators to promote and support companies and small businesses that are struggling due to the prolonged Corona 19, and to expand support for startups that can grow into media companies and support for global advancement.”

Correspondent Kim Si-so [email protected]


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