Scary pictures: can children watch anime

Death Note, Spirited Away, Psychic Wars and others are the names of Japanese cartoons that are popular among teenagers. Often this animation differs from others in the frankness and ruthlessness of the frames. But can it negatively affect the psyche of children and encourage cruelty?

The father of a 13-year-old girl from Aktobe, who jumped from the balcony of a high-rise building, does not believe that his daughter voluntarily decided to commit suicide. The man conducted his own investigation and found out that her friend could be related to the tragedy. The peer is in a closed group “1000-7” Instagram, where, according to the man, the members of the group performed some terrible tasks.

A mathematical example 1 000 — 7 directly related to the Japanese cartoon – anime.

– In the anime “Tokyo Ghoul” the main character was brutally tortured by a maniac, the pain was so strong that even in reality a person would go crazy with it. But to prevent this, the maniac forced him to subtract from 1000 to 7. 1000 – 7 = 993, 993 – 7 = 986 and so on. Thus, the brain was in constant thought and the person could not go crazy. It seems so even in the Middle Ages they did, – said the fan of anime Isabella LITVINOVA.

If you enter “1000-7” in a search engine, the browser displays links to the “VKontakte” group. There, mostly teenagers exchange anime footage and creepy quotes. Instagram also has similar pages, but there are no calls to action in either one or the other.

Can cartoons with violent scenes affect a child’s fragile psyche and motivate him to take decisive actions against himself or others, said school psychologist Irina KARPOVA.

Cartoons, violent shots or games cannot affect the healthy psyche of a child. It is convenient to shift responsibility to this, but the reason, most likely, is different. In my practice, there were no such cases,

– said Irina KARPOVA.

At the same time, the child psychologist believes that watching animation and playing computer games should be time-controlled.

In Russia this year there was a precedent for the banning of Japanese animated series. This decision was made due to the fact that earlier in the country there were several child suicides. The deceased were fans of Japanese cartoons.

The opinions of Russian psychologists were divided. Someone, like the Pavlodar psychologist Irina KARPOVA, insisted that anime could not motivate children to commit suicide. Some believe that watching scary scenes can be traumatic for children and adolescents due to the lack of critical thinking. And mental trauma can further be expressed in symptoms such as irritability, aggressiveness, or depression.


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