Sci-Fi series of our childhood | Nerdicism Episode 113

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“Like Domian, only for nerds” – Chris

Nerdizismus LIVE is here – the call-in show with the nerdists Chris and Michael. You can watch live every Monday from 9 p.m. YouTube and Twitch Talk, chat and reminisce with the two Obernerds. It’s free and easy. Just come on ours Discord-Channel and you’re ready to go!

The first episode is about memories of the science fiction series of our childhood – a wild ride through the TV of the 80s and 90s. We earth about:

  1. It came from space
  2. LEXX – The Dark Zone
  3. Captain Future
  4. ThunderCats
  5. Bravestarr
  6. X factor
  7. Captain Power
  8. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  9. Max HeadRoom
  10. Seven Days
  11. Automan
  12. The adventures of Lois and Clark
  13. Futurama
  14. The man from Atlantis
  15. SeaQuest DSV
  16. Stargate SG1
  17. The three-legged rulers
  18. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  19. Buck Rogers
  20. The extreme Ghostbusters

Next episode: 8.1.21 / 9 p.m. – Topic: LAN parties

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