season 2 as a storytelling setup

Soon arrived in the middle of the second season of The Promised Neverland, Emma, ​​Ray and the other children of Grace Field continue their journey to find the answers to their questions and to save their brothers and sisters left behind in the trap of the farm. As a reminder, season 2 of the anime began on January 8, 2021 in Japan and is available in France on the platform. Wakanim. After a long wait, we finally find our young heroes determined to survive in a hostile and completely unknown environment.

A season 2 that starts off with a bang

Following their escape, Emma, ​​Ray and all the children over the age of 5 from the orphanage camouflaged human child ranch, Grace Field House, are left to fend for themselves in the world that spans beyond the wall which delimits the enclosure of the farm.

With only the clues that the enigmatic W. Minerva had disseminated throughout the books littering the Grace Field library as only indication, our fugitives discover a whole new world.

We then discover through the eyes of children that everything they thought they knew about the real world is wrong. On the contrary, everything they thought to be purely fictional, relating to a children’s tale (thank you W. Minerva) is actually the current world of 2045.

It is a particularly intelligent and interesting step of the author. Indeed, by leaving the realistic, although fictitious, environment of what they believed to be an orphanage, children enter a surreal and chimerical environment according to their knowledge and beliefs.

The entry of children into this intriguing and dangerous forest marks the starting point of the decompartmentalization of the dystopian fantasy universe of the series that we knew only through the presence of demons high in the social scale of this society. And the action does not take long to arrive.

Aware of being chased by a horde of demons, Emma and Ray, considered as premium dishes due to their exceptional abilities, take the leadership of the group and lead it towards the geographical point indicated to them by W. Minerva. However, enemies soon find them and our young friends have no choice but to face them.

Fortunately for them, an unexpected encounter saves them from their pursuers. A meeting which allows to discover much more about the history of this dystopian world where demons seem kings. Far from the artificial idyll of Grace Field, humans and demons evolve together in a world split in two after long years of conflict. Each camp reigns and decides on the laws which govern their part, it is the solution which was decided to guarantee peace.

The second season of The Promised Neverland then reveals much more about the History and geopolitics of its universe. Nevertheless, these are all answers that bring with them many questions.

Still full of puzzles to solve

Arrived at the refuge indicated by W. Minerva in episode 3 of season 2, the children settle there in order to stay safe the time to mount their next plan of action to reach the frontier of the human world and to find their home. guide.

However, at this stage of the adventure, settling for too long in one place can prove to be dangerous and our heroes are quick to discover it. After discovering new indications from W. Minerva in the refuge, the children of Grace Field are flushed out by humans. Yes, humans.

While this part of the storytelling around the refuge differs from Kaiu Shirai’s original manga, all of these new situations are conducive to the pace and action of the anime. What will happen to our heroes?

Who is W. Minerva? What are its plans and aspirations? How did the demons get to Earth? How is the affiliation of farms between humans and demons structured? Who is the awful Grandma? What really happened to Norman? How is the demonic society constructed?

Hoping that the thriller aspect, which was so prominent in the first season, doesn’t wane entirely in favor of a more horror-centric and survival-centric tone, we can’t wait to see how the characters evolve. of the main protagonists Emma and Ray faced with this situation which seems to far exceed them.

This season 2 of The Promised Neverland serving as a setting up of the narrative, the story and the action, the sequel is therefore very promising and rich in twists and turns. The nerves of young Emma, ​​so playful and empathetic, may well be put to the test. Finally, the anime has received a lot of well-deserved good reviews. The next episode (season 2 episode 5) will be released this February 4 in Japan and will mark Mama’s return to the hunt for children.

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