[SEN]YJM Games, MMORPG’Soul Walker Academia’ officially launched in three major markets

[서울경제TV=배요한기자] YJM Games (193250) Financial analysisChart areaGoing Company ReportAnnounced on the 1st that it has officially released the end of the century MMORPG’Soul Walker Academia’, which meets at the academy, in the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and One Store.

Soulwalker Academia quickly reached 1 million after recruiting 400,000 pre-registrants in just one day on the 6th of last month through the pre-registered brand site. With only pre-downloads that started on the 30th of last month, it recorded more than 100,000 downloads in the Google Play Store, and it is an anticipation for the first half of the year, reaching No. 4 in the Google Play Store popular game.

Soulwalker Academia, a mobile game created using the IP of the popular PC online game’Soul Walker’, is well-received for utilizing the dynamic action of the original and hand-drawn animation-style cartoon rendering graphics.

Soulwalker Academy can be played through the Google Play Store, App Store, and One Store Market, and various information and events about the game can be checked through the brand page.

Oh Jin-young, head of YJM Games Mobile Business Division, said, “We are holding various events to commemorate the official release of Soul Walker Academy, so please participate. We will provide a stable operation service with quick reflection and updates to users’ requirements.” Said.

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