Seo Ye-ji reveals her feelings after two months of controversy

Actress Seo Ye-ji.

Actress Seo Ye-ji indirectly expressed her feelings after two months of controversy over gaslighting.

On the 11th, Seo Ye-ji posted an image of a scene from the animation ‘Peanuts’ on her fan cafe and DC Inside. The image reads, “It must be a good feeling to have someone you believe in.”

It seems that he expressed his gratitude to the fans for believing in him to the end despite the controversy. To this, the fans responded, “How are you?” and “Thank you for coming like this.”

Earlier, in April, the entertainment media Dispatch caused a stir by revealing the contents of a mobile messenger conversation between Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ye-ji, who had been lovers in the past. Remove all skinship.” “Why didn’t you tell me what you did today?” “You act hard, and you do it well.” “You make it hard, whatever. (Script) Change it well. Skinship no no” and so on. Afterwards, Seo Ye-ji’s agency clarified the controversy, saying, “It can be seen as a common love battle between actors who are lovers in the industry as there were jealous conversations between lovers. He also denied the allegations of school violence that were raised, saying, “It is not true at all.” Regarding the controversy over forgery of academic background, he said, “I received a notification of acceptance to the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, and prepared for admission.

Seo Ye-ji maintained her popularity despite allegations. At the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards held last month, he won the Popularity Award with overwhelming votes from fans. However, he did not attend the awards ceremony. Online News Team [email protected]

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