Seongandang publishes’Smart Remote Class’ using 33 web & apps

Book Publishing Seongandang published’Smart Remote Classes’ that contain smart education methods using 33 web & apps.

This book is made up of activities you can do in a smart classroom as well as distance classes. If you mix and use 33 digital tools and methods of use, you will be able to conduct classes effectively and efficiently. The 33 tools are carefully selected among the 150 tools used by the Digital Literature Education Association, a corporation, for teaching and self-development, among the 33 most useful tools for distance learning.

The Digital Literature Rush Education Association is a non-profit corporation accredited by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, established in 2016, and fosters’digital hongik people’ who use digital wisely. Through digital literacy education, it supports individuals to achieve their dreams. Education innovation centered on public education is being promoted through projects such as provision of educational contents, teacher training, and international exchange. It is also leading the globalization of Korean-style future education through overseas projects in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Mobile Web&N for 1-part creative activities allows you to create results such as digital painting, computer graphics, 3D, video, 3D animation, characters, emoticons, sound sources, digital books, and card news as tools for 21 creative activities. have. Introducing tools that can be used not only for classes by subject, but also for convergence classes. If you use a variety of tools in combination, as in the example in this book, you can create more enriching activities and class outcomes.

In the mobile web & app for two-part analysis and inquiry activities, there are 12 tools for analysis and inquiry activities: data analysis, cyber tour, collaboration, idea arrangement, presentation material creation, file sharing, smartphone webcam use, smartphone desktop Tools for analysis and exploration, such as mirroring, are included; tools necessary for remote classes, such as a cloud for collaboration, a tool that can use a smartphone or a smart pad instead of a webcam, and a tool that allows a smartphone to be viewed on a desktop screen. admit.

For those who teach through this book, it also provides a video about the activities and tools necessary for the class.

Reporter Hansik Kim


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