Seoul International Manga and Animation Festival SICAF-‘Sound Source and Lyrics’ Contest

Seoul International Manga and Animation Festival SICAF-‘Sound Source and Lyrics’ Contest

○ Competition overview

Hello. This is the organizing committee of the Seoul International Manga and Animation Festival (hereinafter referred to as SICAF).

SICAF, which is celebrating its 25th year this year, discovers diverse talents and creative contents in the field of manga and animation,

In order to create a festival with the public, we are holding a contest as follows.

We look forward to the participation of interested people.

○ Competition topic

1) A sound source and lyrics contest for the logo song representing SICAF

-2) To improve the brand value of SICAF by producing a logo song suitable for the’Seoul International Manga Animation Festival’

○ Period and schedule

Competition and application issuance period: April 19 to May 10, 2021

-Application period: April 26, 2021-May 10, 16:00

※ Application is online and must be registered on the Web Hard by 16:00 on May 10, 2021 (Mon).

○ Eligibility for application

One domestic/foreigner individual or one group work

○ How to apply

Web hard application only available online (visit and mail cannot be accepted)

-Download and fill out the designated form

-How to download detailed information and submission form

1) SICAF website (

2) SICAF Average (

3) The contest ( and other contest sites

▶ Web Hard ( Online application using)

① Online (web hard) application

– ID : sicaf2021 PW : 2021

② From the guest folder-Dedicated folder for unloading> Download the submission form

-Upload-only folder> Sound source and lyrics folder> Create a new folder for each individual and group of applications, and then upload the file folder name

: Name + 4 digits at the back of the mobile phone (Example: Gil-dong Hong 1234)

○ Exhibit specifications

-Submission format: sound source file length of 30 seconds or longer (sound source with BGM and lyrics)

-File format: Save as MP3 sound source file name

※ The original file must be submitted for the winning work selected as the SICAF official sound source in the future.

-Submission format: 1-2 pages in A4/ 10pt font-File format:’Hangul file’ or’MS Word’

※ Use of other programs may result in disadvantages.

○ Required documents

Application form (designated form)

-Consent to collection/use/provision of personal information (designated form)

-Introduction of work (designated form)

-Sound source file (MP3 file)

※ Submitted file:’Hangul file’ or’MS Word’ (disadvantages may occur when using other programs)

※ Submitted files will not be returned.

※ Signature of application documents is required.

○ Evaluation criteria

The judges are composed of expert committee members commissioned by the SICAF Competition Steering Committee, and the jury member responsibility review system is introduced.

-Originality: Originality of sound source that is different from existing logo songs

-Deliverability: Deliverability of lyrics expression reflecting the SICAF brand image

-Popularity: Lyrics and melodies that are easy to follow and enjoyable by the public

-Completeness: Excellent sound source composition and overall completeness

-Usability: Usability for future SICAF logo songs, promotional videos, etc.

○ Awards

The grand prizes are: ① Seoul symbol and story competition, ② character design competition, ③ sound source and lyrics competition, ④ webtoon/animation competition

One member of the group, and the first prize and excellence award are one person in each category.

-Target (per person): 3,000,000 won

-Grand Prize (1 person per category): 1,000,000 won

-Excellence Award (1 person per category): KRW 300,000

-Special selection (slightly named): Listed

-Awarded (slightly named): Listed

The above awards may be changed by the resolution of the Steering Committee, and the Steering Committee may additionally differ depending on the situation.

May be enacted.

○ Notes

If the previously announced work, plagiarism and illegal theft, other competition awards, copyright infringement disputes, etc.

Awards may be canceled at the decision of the judging committee.

-If the contents of the contest are not suitable for the purpose of the contest, the award may be canceled and the prize money will be withdrawn.

-In the submitted data, any items (symbols, etc.) related to the exhibitor that may affect the screening cannot be indicated.

-For information on copyright attribution and usage rights, please refer to the submitted documents and Seekaf Media website.

-The detailed schedule is subject to change due to the circumstances of the host institution.

○ Inquiry

– ☏ Sikaf Contest Steering Committee Person in charge 070-5222-8812, representative number 02-6925-0095


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