Seoul International Manga Animation Festival SICAF’Seoul Symbols and Stories’ Contest

Seoul International Manga Animation Festival SICAF’Seoul Symbols and Stories’ Contest

○ Competition overview

Hello. This is the organizing committee of the Seoul International Manga and Animation Festival (hereinafter referred to as SICAF).

SICAF, which is celebrating its 25th year this year, discovers various talents and creative contents in the field of manga and animation,

In order to create a festival with the public, we are holding a contest as follows.

We look forward to the participation of those who are interested.

○ Purpose of Competition

1) This is a competition for new SICAF representative character design

-2) To improve the brand value of SICAF by discovering and developing Seoul symbols

○ Period and schedule

-Announcement period: March 23, 21 ~ April 12

-Application period: March 29, 21 ~ April 12, 16:00

○ Eligibility for application

-One domestic or foreigner or one group

○ Fields and Subjects of Competition

‘Symbols and Stories’ contest for SICAF’s new character contest

1) Create a story that suits SICAF, such as’culture, attractions, and folktales’ representing Seoul

Example) Symbols and stories for Los Angeles

a) symbol-bear,

b) a story about a bear

○ How to apply

-Online application: Must be registered on Webhard by 16:00 on April 12th

-Web Hard: / ID sicaf2021 / Password 2021

○ Exhibit specifications

Disadvantages may occur when using’Hangul File’ or’MS Word’ other programs.

-File format (A4 1-2 pages/ Font 10pt/ Line spacing 160%/ Top-Header, Left-Right, Footer-Bottom are all default)

○ Awards

Winners will be awarded at the SICAF event in 2021 and invited to exhibit, and the SICAF 2021 invitation ticket will be presented.

-Target: 3,000,000 won

-Grand Prize: 1,000,000 won

-Excellence Award: 300,000 won

-Special selection: Listed

-Entry: Listing

○ Notes

Symbols and stories selected in the contest are SICAF 2021’s’Character Design Competition’,’Sound Source and Lyrics Competition’,

Linked to’webtoon/animation contest’

○ Inquiry

-Person in charge of the Steering Committee of the Seacarf Contest ☏ 070-5222-8812

-Representative number: 02-6925-0095


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