Seth Rogen confirmed that Emma Watson refused to film a scene in This Is The End

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For years there was a rumor that Emma Watson did not want to film a scene during the filming of This Is The End and Seth Rogen told the truth about the incident.

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In 2013, Seth Rogen was already a recognized figure in Hollywood comedy, having written, produced and starred in successful films; However, that year he made his directing debut with This Is The End.

The film, co-directed by Evan Goldberg, brought together renowned actors and friends of Rogen to play themselves in an apocalyptic comedy.

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In the story, stars like James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, among other comedians, find themselves at a party in Los Angeles that is interrupted by an inexplicable end of the world.

The survivors inhabit the house of James Franco and among them was the actress Emma Watson, who, until that moment, had not participated in comedy films.

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After the premiere of This Is The EndIt was rumored that the actress left the film set by refusing to film a scene that Rogen and Goldberg had planned for her.

The sequence showed Channing Tatum as Danny McBride’s sex slave and the idea was for Emma Watson to appear at that moment to become part of the group of survivors, but then steal their belongings.

The scene was filmed and the actress does appear at other times interacting with the rest of the cast, but – according to rumor – she refused to be part of the Channing Tatum sequence.

8 years after the premiere of This Is The End, Seth Rogen confirmed that Emma Watson did leave the filming set when she found out about her, but clarified that it did not become an awkward moment or generate hostility during filming.

“I don’t look back and think ‘How dare he do that?’ I think sometimes when you read something, when it comes to real life, it doesn’t seem to be what you thought it was. But it was not a terrible end to our relationship.

«He returned the next day to say goodbye. Helped promote the movie. There are no hard feelings and I couldn’t be happier with the final result of the film, “explained Rogen in a interview.

this is the end seth rogenthis is the end seth rogen
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The comedian said Emma Watson was probably right and the scene turned out to be more fun the way it was filmed compared to the initial plans.

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The actress has never spoken in interviews about what happened while filming This Is The End, but she was enthusiastic during the promotion of the film, which confirms that it did not hurt the relationship with the directors or the rest of the actors.

“When they gave me the script I said ‘this is not one of the things that I would normally do, it is not really my sense of humor, but how could I miss the opportunity to work with the best cast of comedians, basically, in the world?” Said Watson in a interview.

emma watson and seth rogen red carpetemma watson and seth rogen red carpet
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This Is The End It is one of the most successful films of the Rogen-Goldberg duo, raising more than $ 126 million dollars and bringing together a group of stars that few productions have achieved.

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