“Seven Idols 3” (season 3) watch online

Added – 1 series
Total – 13 episodes 2 series – unstable

Final grade: 2.93 out of 10 (votes: 15)

Description of the plot of “Seven of Idols 3”

Tsumugumi is a young girl who works for her father’s company. The heroine’s father is an influential producer who promotes musical groups. Tsumugumi really wants to become a good music producer and agent, so she starts working with a newly formed group, which includes seven different young men. Each of the guys has his own talents, outlook on life and character, but almost all of them treat Tsumugumi with distrust, believing that such a young lady will not be able to help them achieve the pinnacle of success.
But the brave and desperate heroine is not afraid of difficulties, she is ready in any way to prove that she is a worthy shot and a good professional. The girl gives the group all her strength, she tries to discern the personality in each of her wards in order to play on the best positive qualities of the musicians. Tsumugumi manages to introduce the guys into the world of show business, their schedule becomes very busy due to constant concerts and performances. But there is still a lot of work ahead, since the seven have a huge competition in the form of more popular and promoted musical groups.

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