SF masterpiece’Dun’ republished as a complete hardcover

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Seung-Woo Lee = Frank Herbert’s’The Dune’, synonymous with the masterpiece science fiction novel (SF), came back in hardcover after 20 years.

Min Eum-in Publishing Group’s fiction specialty brand, Golden Eggplant, has recently been published in 6 volumes. The 18-volume half-hardcover, which was released in 2001, was edited into 6 volumes that were the same as the original, and the collection value was increased, and the translator Seung-wook Kim worked on the original copy for more than half a year to refine the translation.

Published in 1965,’Dunne’ is a science fiction science fiction that contains human history in the space age with a desert planet in the background. Based on the vast history and philosophical knowledge, the subject of religion, politics, race, and culture was interestingly solved in six parts by making full use of the genre characteristics of SF, which allows free metaphors and symbols.

The novel has sold over 20 million copies worldwide so far, making it the world’s best-selling sci-fi book series. In addition, it was selected as the first Nebula Prize winner in 1965 and swept the Hugo Prize the following year.

In particular,’Dune’ is a monumental work that is produced as secondary content such as videos and games, and has influenced various subcultures. It was made into a film by master David Lynch in 1984, and in 2000 it was produced as a mini-series, winning an Emmy Award. In 1992, it was produced as a game of the same name, leading the trend of real-time science fiction strategy simulation games, providing an opportunity for the birth of’StarCraft’.

It was made for the second time by director Denis Villeneuve and is set to be released in October. It is said to be a Hollywood blockbuster with a larger scale than 30 years ago. In addition, the movie’Star Wars’, the animation’Nausicaa in the Valley of the Winds’, and the popular TV series’Prince’s Game’ are works that have been greatly influenced by this novel.

Born in Tacoma, Washington in 1920, Herbert was originally a journalist. It is said that he wrote the Dune series because he was fascinated by the magnificent scenery of the dune (sand dune) on the Oregon coast in the late 1950s, when he took the writer as his side job, but did not achieve commercial success. He devoted himself to writing this novel for six years, releasing the first piece in the series, Dune, in 1865. The last sixth series,’The Temple of the Dunes’, was released in 1985 and passed away as a chronic disease the following year.

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The Golden Thing has also published a book in which the first piece of the Dune series,’Dun,’ was made with a graphic novel. All consisted of a series of three volumes, but first I translated and published one volume.

The author’s son Brian Herbert and popular science fiction writer Kevin J. Anderson participated in the adaptation, and Raul Allen and Patricia Martin painted the picture. Translated by Seohee Jin.

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