Shigaraki’s creepy story

The latest saga of the Season 5 of My Hero Academia he is making his way through a terrible battle between the Superpower Liberation Army and the VIllain Union. With this latter group of criminals outnumbered, the only way to survive is to accept your past and push yourself further.

Over the course of the anime’s final episodes, viewers uncovered the origins of Himiko Toga, a blood lover since childhood, and Twice, who couldn’t even trust himself. At the heart of My Hero Academia 5×23 there is however Tomura Shigaraki, who is trying in every way to become the worthy heir of All For One.

Despite the fatigue, also due to the chase with Gigantomachia, Tomura arrived at in the presence of Ri-Destro, which, however, is showing strength and cunning that is absolutely out of the ordinary. During the fight, however, pushed to the limit, Shigaraki suddenly has a flashbacks to his past.

His real name is actually Tenko Shimura, that is the grandson of Nana Shimura, teacher of All Might and former holder of All For One. When he was still an infant, Tenko had not yet developed his Quirk, but he still dreamed of becoming a Hero like his grandmother. Talk about heroes, however, in his family it was forbidden and when it happened Papa Shimura would explode with rage.

One evening, after being mistreated by his father without any member of his family opposing him, the Little Tenko’s itch it grew out of all proportion. In tears, in the company of his little dog Mon, Shigaraki let off steam: for the first time he inadvertently manifested the Quirk Decay.

Before innocent victim it was the dog, then the little sister and finally the grandparents and the mother. At the sight of this atrocity, his father terrified began to beat him up, urging him to stop. The hatred of Tenko Shimura, however, grew out of all proportion, leading him to commit a terrible and wanted crime that caused him a immense sense of pleasure.

If in this episode we discovered Tenko’s past, in the course of the next we will see the origins of Tomura Shigaraki. Finally, here is the new look of Tomura Shigaraki in the final episodes of My Hero Academia 5.

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