Shinsegae Dept., Oxford Block Collaboration… Limited to 2000’Main Building Blocks’

‘Shinsegae Head Office x Oxford’.

Korea’s first department store,’Shinsegae’, comes out as a block
Aimed at family customers and block enthusiasts… Limited sales of 2000 on/offers
Planning a series of additional goods such as scented candles… Differentiated marketing for’department store becoming famous’

[아시아경제 김유리 기자] ‘Shinsegae’, the first department store in Korea, is coming out in blocks. Shinsegae Department Store’s main store started to’make a department store’s famous’ by presenting souvenirs made by itself.

Shinsegae announced on the 15th that starting on the 16th, it will introduce a limited number of 2,000 block products in the shape of the main store’s main building in collaboration with Oxford Blocks at the Express Store on the first basement floor of the main store. The price is 50,000 won. Customers who purchase more than 1 million won at the Shinsegae Head Office on the same day will receive a free gift from the Sa Bank President on the 7th floor. It will also be sold on from the 19th.

‘Goods’, a consumption phenomenon that symbolizes loyalty to a specific brand or celebrity, is becoming a form of hobby such as collection collection. Goods have recently expanded from mugs and tumblers to products closely related to lifestyle such as travel bags and camping chairs.

Shinsegae said that the reason for choosing Oxford Block as the first merchandise to be unveiled was “considering that since last year, as indoor activities have increased, customer demand for family leisure life has increased.” It is explained that the block, which is a family kidult product, contains the shape of the main building of the Shinsegae Main Store, which can best represent the’first department store in Korea’.

The’Shinsegae Main Store x Oxford’ goods reproduced the front of the main store’s main building. It is composed of a package of more than 1000 pieces, and includes the rooftop park and outdoor banners that Shinsegae is proud of.

Bon Marchée in France, which is considered a premium department store, and Harrods in England, are selling various types of souvenir collections. In the future, Shinsegae plans to introduce various goods such as scented candles and diffusers in order to announce’Korea’s first department store’ as well as famous overseas department stores. Differentiated marketing using its own characters, etc., will also be continuously introduced in the future.

Earlier, Shinsegae has attempted character and goods marketing through its own character’Puvilla’, which was created for the first time in the industry. The imaginary animal, Povilla, has the motif of a white polar bear familiar to children, and has become a representative character that decorates the Shinsegae Department Store every winter. After that, it released a beach bag and a beach towel, and attracted customer interest by showing animation through the Shinsegae SNS channel.

Jeongwook Lee Shinsegae Department Store main store manager (Executive Director) said, “We created commemorative goods to provide differentiated pleasure to customers visiting Shinsegae and to promote the brand of Shinsegae.”

Reporter Kim Yu-ri [email protected]


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