Shinsou Hitoshi Wig Wig Cosplay BNHa MHA in Dortmund – Hörde

13 € VB

44263 Dortmund – Heard


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Since I have unfortunately stopped cosplaying, I would like to part with my wigs.
I have many different ones from MHA / BNHA on offer and would appreciate a buyer. ✨
I offer:
-Shoto Todoroki
-Katsuki Bakugou
-extremely styled Kirishima wig with bandana
-Unstyled Dabi Wig that can also be used for other black-haired people.
-White wig for Touya that can also be used for other white-haired people like Killua or something like that. (Reserved)
-Shinsou Hitoshi
-Green curly wig for Ibara 1B or Joker etc.
-Hinata (orangene Wig)

I don’t give a price yet, but the different wigs would cost between € 10 and € 20, as some are of better quality than the others and others are already styled and only have to be briefly brought into shape when they are then in arriving new home ✨
If you want to see more cosplay pictures of the wigs, just look on Instagram for “aemealie” there you will find a few pictures 🙂

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