Shion celebrates the return of the anime in the magnificent Sera cosplay

Vita da Slime, a work born from the light novels written by Fuse and drawn by Mitz Vah, is one of the surprises that in recent years have managed to involve many readers and viewers, thanks to a light and fun style. In particular, a passionate, to celebrate the return of the anime, has decided to take on the role of a skilled fighter.

Initially postponed due to the pandemic, the second season of Slime’s Life, available on Crunchyroll, has undergone programming changes. The first part was published during the winter season, while the transmission of the second started on 6 July 2021, and it will last until 21 September.

With the return of the anime Limur Tempest became the Demon Lord, in order to be able to bring back to life many citizens of Tempest, and also Shion. In the process, several people got new skills, and the same one Shion has become a better cook. A gimmick that amused many fans of the opera, considering the different comic interludes during the series, and that the cosplayer @seracross wanted to represent with the his magnificent interpretation of the Ogre, which you can see in the post below.

We also remember that Vita da Slime has returned to the top 10 of the most anticipated summer anime by Western fans.

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