Silvia Mezzanotte publishes the single Poesia per una rosa feat Ugo Mazzei

Silvia Midnight public Poem for a rose, single that sees the collaboration of the Sicilian singer-songwriter Ugo Mazzei

The Sicilian singer-songwriter Ugo Mazzei public Poem for a rose, the special collaboration of Silvia Midnight in an elegant embroidery of song and poetry. Like chasing each other in silence, sniffing from afar, listening to each other with respect for a freedom that has never been violated. And then find yourself again, in the union that at that point becomes a natural consequence. Luigi Piergiovanni God from the machine of the project, hits the mark with this mixture of souls and voices and lets the vocal delicacies of a great artist like Silvia Mezzanotte fit naturally with the sweet dark hues of Ugo Mazzei’s poetry. All in a song, written and composed by the Sicilian singer-songwriter, which promises a powerful song, of love and supplication, of fear and hope. Poem for a rose it is precisely this: a delicate love that hurts, a flower to look at that asks for belonging, that asks for existence in the measure of sharing, of being there … together … and every love, like every Rose, has thorns, shadows and lights with it, battles in which to get lost and fall.

Silvia Midnight, one of the most popular voice on the Italian scene, for over ten years (2000-2011) front woman dei Matia Bazar with whom he also won an edition of the Sanremo Festival: “I have known and appreciated Ugo for many years. I am often lost in his poetry and in his musical vision of reality. In him I recognize great depth in songwriting and the will to never transcend his natural elegance as a man and artist. Luigi Piergiovanni (Interbeat) – creator and producer of this project- he asked me to duet with him without revealing the chosen song … I hoped it was “Poetry for a Rose”, one of Ugo’s songs in which I have often reflected myself, recognizing her very close to my being between melody, words and sentiment … When I discovered that it was just that song, it was all very easy, because in the intertwining of our voices I perceived a great understanding, not only vocal, but above all of anime ”.

Ugo Mazzei is author and producer, for thirty years in the music scene. He has collaborated with many Italian and foreign artists, from Mogol to Peter Rowen. He has recorded six discs with Interbeat, a label he has been working with for ten years now: “I immediately noticed a change in the style of the Matia Bazar. The new entry was Silvia. I never saw her as a worthy replacement for the talented Antonella, rather as a new breeze, never felt before. My late friend Giancarlo had hit the mark. The partnership with Matia lasted ten years and in this time the songs took on a new light, you want the times, you want the sweetly strong tone of Silvia. I’ve always thought of writing a song that resembled her, that embroidered her soul. A poem at the height of its strings. The similarity with a velvety flower in its petals but if you take it by the stem you get thorn. “Poetry for a Rose” was born. When Luigi Piergiovanni proposed the association to me, I finally saw the song lose its life and from its first cry, become a dream. … Don’t free me, don’t let me go ».

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