“Simon’s Cat” based on popular anime is now available on Apple Arcade-iPhone Mania

A puzzle game based on the short animation series Simon’s Cat by British animator Simon Tofield.Simon’s Cat – Story Tim‪e“ButApple ArcadeIt has started distribution at.

Discover the true meaning of the community spirit through games

Simon and his cat face the biggest challenge ever. When the tranquility of the suburbs is threatened by a huge construction site, mobilize neighbors to try to restore the mysterious wasteland before everything is destroyed.

Neighbor Potts tries to seal the wasteland that has been passed down from generation to generation, but players solve challenging puzzles and solve mysteries.

Simon's Cat - STORY TIME

Simon's Cat - STORY TIME

By clearing the puzzles, you will earn stars to open the next stage of the story. You can also collect coins and buy game boosts to clear difficult levels.

The purpose of the game is to meet animals and human characters and discover the true meaning of the community spirit.

New games are regularly added to Apple Arcade, and the completely new RPG “FΛNTΛSIΛN” sent by Hironobu Sakaguchi, who created Final Fantasy, has just started distribution.

The monthly fee for Apple Arcade is 600 yen (excluding tax), and up to 6 family members can share a subscription.

Source:Cult of Mac


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