SKE48 Aika Sugiyama, maid, show off half twin in uniform costume! “It’s a perfect idol!” (February 2, 2021) –Excite News

SKE48 Aika Sugiyama, maid, show off half twin in uniform costume! “… image is here >>

[Photo]SKE48 Aika Sugiyama, maid, and half-twin uniform outfits are shown!

On February 2, Aika Sugiyama of SKE48, an idol group based in Sakae, Nagoya, updated her Twitter account.

* Image from Aika Sugiyama Twitter Image 2/3

* Image is from Aika Sugiyama Twitter Image 3/3 Related photo special feature (3 photos)
This day is called “Twintail Day” in puns, and it is crowded with photos posted with twintails on SNS. Sugiyama commented, “I was looking for it because it was a day of twin tails, but it was the only one I had when I was cosplaying for Halloween. publish. He showed off a combination of “Our Kaze” theater costumes and half-twin costumes for maid costumes and uniforms. Each photo is a cut whose impression changes depending on how the bangs are divided.
From fans to this post
“It’s a perfect idol!”
“Twintail Ai Ai Kawae ~”
“The bangs change the impression quite a bit (laughs)”
“You can take a selfie from now on.”
Comments such as are being received one after another.

[Aika Sugiyama / Profile]
Joined as SKE48 7th gen member in 2015. The nickname is “Aiai”. The promotion to Team S was announced at the unit festival held in “SKE48 Winter Con 2015 Nagoya Restart.-Jurina Matsui is back” held in November of the same year. He is the performance chief of the 7th generation and holds the record of the most appearances in theater performances in the past. His sense of dance is Pikaichi, and he can easily handle the intense dance numbers of SKE48. In addition, Jurina Matsui also takes a look at her mature singing ability. He is expanding his power by leading SKE48’s largest faction, “Sugiyama Children”.


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