Skip Beat, the manga will be released for Magic Press in Italy

Skip Beat!, the shojo manga of Yoshiki Nakamura, will finally arrive in Italy thanks to Magic Press Editions.

The first volume of the Italian edition is scheduled for Spring, come announces the publishing house:

The most loved shoujo series in Japan finally arrives in Italy!

Magic Press Edizioni inaugurates spring 2021 with Skip Beat! by Yoshiki Nakamura!

2021 is colored in pastel colors with Skip Beat!

Kyoko is 16 years old, and like all teenagers she lives a great and impossible love: she is in love with her childhood friend Sho. When he moves to Tokyo to become an idol, she decides to follow him so as not to part with him.

Sho’s career is brilliant, but the contact with the entertainment world changes him, so much so that he comes to despise the love of his old friend.

Kyoko’s reaction is unexpected: instead of feeling sorry for herself, she decides to react and enter show business to become more famous than him!

About Skip Beat

Yoshiki Nakamura serializes the work on the pages of the magazine Hana to Yume edited by Hakusensha from February 15, 2002; the chapters of the series were collected at the time of 46 volumes, the latest of which was released in bookstores in Japan on January 20, 2021.

It inspired one anime series produced by Sotsu, Pony Canyon, Hakusensha & TV Tokyo Music and made by Hal Film Maker (Aria the Animation, Princess Tutu).

The soul transposition consists of 25 episodes, broadcast on Japanese TV networks from 6 October 2008 to 30 March 2009.

In Italy it is unpublished.

Non solo Skip Beat!

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