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After a while away, former professional League of Legends player Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi turned social media back on, this time featuring a Bunny Scáthach cosplay.

Sneaky and his talent for cosplay

Sneaky began his career in the world of cosplay many years ago. She stood out for her makeup and her excellent work in playing female characters. All this also affected the scope of League of Legends, since in an edition of the All-Star he was dressed as Xayah, while Bang played Rakan.

After his retirement from Cloud9 and as a professional League of Legends player, Sneaky had more time to devote to his stream and also to his cosplays. This time he presented one of Bunny Scáthach, although he had also previously played a “rabbit” character.

It should be noted that this new cosplay that the streamer uploaded was part of the set uploaded to his patreon in the month of January, so it is expected that the content that he uploads to this platform will be revealed in later months:

The compliments in the comments of the post did not wait, and even the Cloud9 organization itself commented the same thing that it comments in all the streamer’s cosplays: “You’re so hot brother.”

Hopefully Sneaky continues to triumph in the world of streaming -on Twitch- and cosplay. Remember that you can support him through his official Twitter, as well as his patreon.

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