Snow Man, Daisuke Sakuma, “Uma Musume” McQueen cosplay show!Makeup debut with the name “Saku McQueen” | Inside

Training simulation for smartphones / PCs “Uma Musume Pretty Derby』. Daisuke Sakuma of “Snow Man” has been attracting a lot of attention by showing off the cosplay of “Mejiro McQueen” that appears in this work.

This cosplay was shown in “Let me do it Snow Man” which was broadcast from 13:00 on September 12th. Mr. Sakuma is known as a “big anime lover” and is nicknamed “Niki Sakuma” by anime fans.

Shibuya Note (Uma Musume appearance times)In addition to enthusiastically talking about the charm of “Uma Musume” as a recommendation for Mejiro McQueen, he also cheered on the live part with all his might. After the same broadcast, it gained strong support from Uma Musume fans.

For this cosplay, in the program, both names are taken and “Saku McQueen “Named. This word has also entered the Twitter trend, and fans have responded with such things as “As expected, our Sakuma” and “Faithfully reproduced www.” The tweets themselves have collected more than 40,000 likes and are showing great excitement.


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