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(Sokcho = Yonhap News) Reporter Jong-Geon Lee = Gangwon Sokcho City Museum started operating a realistic content experience program produced as a government contest.

Sokcho City Museum Realistic Video Content

(Sokcho = Yonhap News) Sokcho City Museum recently entered the screening by producing realistic video contents containing the sorrows of displaced people based on the Heungnam Withdrawal Operation.
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According to the Sokcho City Museum on the 3rd, the immersive content experience program completed at the end of last year has recently begun to be provided to visitors at the displaced people’s cultural village in the museum.

The realistic contents experience program was selected and promoted in the ‘2020 Public Museum Realistic Content Creation and Utilization Project’ held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and its main contents are the production of interactive realistic images and the establishment of an augmented reality artifact guide.

400 million won was invested in the business.

The realistic video is an animated video produced based on the Heungnam Evacuation Operation during the Korean War in December 1950. The protagonist who broke up from his family during the evacuation process settled in Abai Village, Sokcho, and met the family who broke up in North Korea during a family reunion. It contains a heartbreaking story.

This video, which is about 10 minutes long, can be viewed at the Realistic Video Media Experience Center, and you can directly participate in the screened video to hang squid, cut Abai sundae, and revive faded photos.

At the end of the video, you can leave a review and a message.

To watch and participate in the video, you need to download the Sokcho City Museum application from the Play Store, install it on your mobile phone, and connect to a dedicated Wi-Fi used only in the experience hall.

Sokcho City Museum Realistic Contents
Sokcho City Museum Realistic Contents

(Sokcho = Yonhap News) The Sokcho City Museum recently started operating by creating a realistic content experience program to provide visitors with various experiences.
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The Media Experience Center is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm in summer and from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm in winter.

The running time is on the hour and 30 minutes.

Experience programs can be experienced in North Korean houses such as Hamgyeongdo House and Gaeseong House, Pyeongan Island House, Pyongyang House, Hwanghae House, etc. reproduced in the cultural village of the displaced, as well as the history of Sokcho and Abai Village in Cheongho-dong.

If you approach the designated point while running the application installed on the mobile phone, you can see a detailed description of each house and facility, as well as the interior view in 3D form, and take a commemorative photo with a virtual character character.

You can also find local food from North Korea.

An official of the museum explained, “We are operating a realistic content experience program to provide various experience opportunities to visitors.”

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