Solar and carefree Uraraka in the cosplay of the Japanese Miyan

Ochako Uraraka is the quintessential female protagonist of My Hero Academia. Although there are other prominent female figures in the series created by Kohei Horikoshi, she is the one who has the most space and appeared first in history, also binding very firmly to the protagonist Izuku. And it is no coincidence that the Uraraka x Deku ship is very popular.

Much is due precisely to the character of the girl, determined when needed but still affectionate and tender, with strengths and weaknesses but also a great desire to help those in difficulty. Thanks to Deku, she decides what her hero path will be, saving his colleagues from My Hero Academia, and has already proved it several times. His Gravity quirk thus becomes a real support not only for the victims of the various accidents but also for his hero friends.

The Japanese Miyan has stepped into the role of the heroine of My Hero Academia in a school version with all her radiance. The photo of the cosplayer available below thus presents a Ochako Uraraka cosplay with Yuei’s clothes and ready to activate her quirk with a smile on her face. We hope to see Uraraka and Deku together at the end of the manga, to the delight of many readers of My Hero Academia.

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