Sonic Prime: the Blue Hedgehog is back in an animated series

After having recently been treated to a live-action film adaptation, Sonic the famous blue hedgehog will land on Netflix, in cartoon this time.

This year, Sonic turns 30. It was indeed in 1991 that he appeared for the first time on console, in the simply titled Sonic The Hedgehog (translation : Sonic the hedgehog), the first in a long list of video games featuring his little face. Since then, he has largely crossed the boundaries of gaming by inviting himself to many other derivative products. And while a live-action film was still very recently dedicated to him, here he is entitled for his birthday to a nice gift: the announcement of a new animated series, on Netflix, if you like. pleases.

Teased last December, this project has indeed been formalized by the streaming giant this week. “Sonic Prime, an all-new animated series about the most famous blue hedgehog in history“, thus boasted Netflix on its official Twitter account this Monday, February 1st. And to specify, even if it means disappointing many fans already impatient, that it will however be necessary to wait until 2022 before being able to find the mascot of Sega in new television adventures …

On the social network, Netflix adds “some nice details“. Namely on the one hand that the showrunners of this new animated series are those who previously created Ben 10, a famous cartoon from the 2000s broadcast on Cartoon Network. And on the other hand that its executive producers are known to have worked on a famous film from Disney studios, which featured characters from the Marvel Comics universe: The New Heroes. Suffice to say that we are dealing with family gender specialists.

A series for (young and old) fans

It’s a privilege to be able to bring this character that everyone knows and adores on a whole new adventure with Netflix“, also declared Dominique Bazay, director of original animation creations for the streaming giant, in a press release relayed by Variety. And to emphasize, precisely, that this “new adventure“of Sonic is designed for the whole family, being able to be”loved by both the loyal generation of fans and new fans all around the world.

The trade magazine further reveals some additional details about Sonic Prime, which will indeed be launched internationally on the platform in 2022. The animated series, in 3D, will thus propose according to Variety no less than 24 episodes. His pitch? “The fate of a strange new multiverse rests in (Sonic’s) gloved hands“. Interesting. And this new adventure will also take an existential turn for the blue hedgehog, since the aforementioned Netflix press release also mentions”a journey marked by self-discovery and redemption“… This is intriguing.

While waiting to discover Sonic Prime, in 2022 on Netflix, you can already find the famous blue hedgehog in the recent Sonic, le film, available in VOD on the SFR box. Not to mention, of course, that his video game adventures are always a pleasure, on SFR Gaming !

Source : Variety

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