Sony became a shareholder in the parent company of the developer of Dark Souls

In a recent deal, PlayStation maker also became the owner of KadSwa Corporation, which owns FormSoftware.

The name Kadokawa Corporation is probably not familiar to many people in Hungary, even though it is a large media conglomerate. The company, which traces its roots back to 1945, has dozens of interests, from printed materials to movies to games, including FormSoftware, which also developed Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Kadokawa is the parent company of the studio, and now indirectly an even bigger fish, Sony has also appeared around the team, acquiring a 1.93% stake in Kadokawa. In addition to raising funds, the company justified the sale of the shares on the grounds that the deal would enable it to harness Sony’s “global distribution power” in animation content and games.

And on Sony’s side, the move may be motivated by efforts to further strengthen its presence in the anime and manga market. The company’s main interests in this field so far have been the CrunchyRoll anime streaming platform acquired last year, Aniplex, which travels in publishing and distribution, and Funimation, which is involved in the popularization of anime in the United States.

This can be complemented by influence in Kadokawa, the latter owning IPs such as Re: Zero, Rising of the Shield Hero, or Overlord. As for FormSoftware, Sony is no stranger to it, since the PlayStation was introduced in 1994. more than 30 exclusive developed a title for the platform.

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