‘Soul’ Golden Globe feature animation & music 2 nomination!

The movie’Soul’, which is continuing a hot box office trend and predicting a breakthrough of 1 million viewers for the first time in the new year, has been nominated for the Feature Animation Awards and Music Awards at the 78th Golden Globe Awards and is attracting attention. [원제: SOUL, 감독: 피트 닥터, 목소리 출연: 제이미 폭스, 티나 페이, 제작: 디즈니·픽사, 수입/배급: 월트디즈니컴퍼니 코리아]

After its release, the movie’Soul’, which is generating a box office craze with hot rave reviews, was nominated for the feature animation and music awards at the 78th Golden Globe Awards, proving the reason why it is pouring out from leading domestic and foreign media and audiences. “It was a real joy to be able to watch this film with audiences of all generations around the world,” said Dana Murray, co-director and producer of Camp Powers, director Pete Doctor, who was nominated for the Feature Animation Award. Last year was full of challenges, but through Joe Gardner’s journey, we hope to experience that every moment of this complex and beautiful life can be marvelous simply for our existence.” John Bartist, who was nominated for the Music Awards, said, “It is a great honor to be nominated for the Golden Globe. The existence of a soul leads to an altruistic mind when dealing with something. I hope every day of my life will be like that. Thank you for everything that inspired me.”

‘Soul’, which was well-received as’the best movie of this era by Pixar’ in every aspect, from fantastic images created with the peak of ingenious imagination, beautiful music, humor and emotion, is not only an official invitation to the 73rd Cannes Film Festival. The New York Times, Variety, Indie Wire, The Guardian magazine, and AFI (American Film Institute) selected as the top 10 movies of the year and showed off their presence. In addition, the music of’Soul’, which is a collaboration between Trent Rezner, who has once won the music award at the 68th Golden Globe Awards, and Atticus Ross and jazz pianist John Battist, also includes the Los Angeles Critics Association, one of the four major American Critics Associations. , The 33rd Chicago Critics Association, the 2020 Boston Online Critics Association, and the 19th Columbus Critics Association are sweeping music awards at various awards, so we are looking forward to the 78th Golden Globe Awards.

The 78th Golden Globe Awards is scheduled to be held on February 28th (local time), and Tina Fay, who played ’22’ in’Soul’, took the lead with Amy Poeller.

The movie’Soul’ started from Pixar’s funny imagination that a soul with its own personality will be born on Earth in’The World Before Born’.’Soul’ is a soul with’Jo’ who became a soul in an unexpected accident and does not want to go to Earth. A movie about a special adventure where the soul ’22’ leaves together. After opening for two weeks in a row, it is the first place in the box office on weekends, surpassing 900,000 viewers for the first time in the new year. Camp Powers co-directed with director Pete Doctor of’Monsters Inc.’,’Up’, and’Inside Out’, led by the production crew of’Inside Out’ and’Coco’, and’Onward: A Miracle in One Day’,’The Incredibles’ 2’and’Toy Story 4’participated by major artists, boasting a high degree of completion. In addition, world-renowned jazz musician John Batist, who won the Grammy Award nomination, and Trent Rezner and Atticus Ross, who won the 83rd US Academy and 68th Golden Globe Music Awards for the film’Social Network’, are in charge of the major music in the work, raising expectations. . The movie’Soul’ is being highly praised.

iMBC Kim Kyung Hee | Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Company Korea

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