Soulcatchers: “Even with a post you can reflect and capture the soul”

Society – 31/01/2021

A duo of content creators in step with the times: dissemination of good practices, insights into feelings, promotion of beautiful experiences.

Daniele Piersanti and Marco Saudella are two young people from Lazio who have launched a page a few months ago Instagram call Soulcatchers. The modern “hunters of souls” are creators of very interesting digital content, but of a popular nature, which invite followers to reflect. The art emerges from the care with which the videos are made and from the skill and depth of the poems that accompany them. Daniele, author, deals with the words and the transformation into images of the project. Marco, the face of the duo, shows off his physical prowess and acts as the protagonist and actor of the Soulcatchers stories. Communication works above all because it is understood that there is harmony and union between ideas and realization. And now we discover that there is also a deep friendship between the two protagonists of this digital project it brings an innovative and intelligent way to communicate. Which also doubles as a social experiment to understand how many people are attracted not only by the aesthetic beauty of what is poured on social media, but also by the content. Banned belligerence and divisive issues, no controversy, only positivity and beautiful inspirations. The Soulcatchers are specializing in an intelligent and “open” communication that could land without clashing with other media as well. In the posts and videos we talk about the youthful condition, overcoming obstacles, including mental, training of body and mind, relationships.

Marco is the image of the Soulcatchers duo. Fitness instructor, teacher and professional translator, for the Soulcatchers project he is also demonstrating innate acting skills to his audience.

What does soulcatchers mean to you? What meaning do you attribute to this name?

M. Being ‘soul catcher’ has a meaning that goes beyond the simple translation of the term. We would like to create messages that can be understood by those who manage to go beyond appearances, managing to talk about common topics without falling into the banal or the usual clichés to which unfortunately we are now used to.

D. It represents the possibility of dealing with social, daily issues, close to each of us, which lead us to reflect on the world around us from different perspectives: for this reason we try to create stories that are an example and stimulus for those who look at them, with the intent to shake the deepest emotions, bringing them back to the surface, without fear, torment and suffering.

What personal path did you have before this adventure?

M. I am an English language teacher and interpreter and during a course I met Daniele. There was immediately a lot of harmony and sympathy between us, from the first lesson, which allowed us in a short time to become the best friends for each other.

D. After university, I decided to enroll in a private English course, which has always been a great “burden” of mine. On this occasion I met Marco, a very good teacher, with whom I was finally able to face the study of this foreign language with serenity. From there my life changed, both from a professional and a human point of view. Sometimes it is enough just to meet the “right” person, so that everything goes in its place!

What does it represent for each other?

M. Daniele represents a milestone in my life, one of those people who can brighten your day with a word, or give you motivation with a simple sentence. It is no coincidence that it was he who pushed me into this project, highlighting my potential that, honestly, I was not aware of until he himself pulled them out. If I had to wish you a wish, I would certainly wish you to find in life a friend like him.

D. Marco represents my constant in a world of variables. I have always let any wall that I have always erected in my life, right or wrong, collapse before his gaze, aware that I can trust, that I can always have support at all times. He is my inexorable source of energy, capable of making me find the smile, or the right clarity to make important decisions in a few moments. Not surprisingly, I couldn’t imagine doing this project with anyone else: he encourages me to be the best version of myself every day.

“A space to reflect and relax”. It sounds simple, but the world of social media is often not a place to chill with intelligence. The videos and messages of Marco and Daniele for the Soulcatchers project range from fitness to good behavior to reflections on youth problems.

What kind of communication do you like to create for Soulcatchers?

M. Something that breaks away from the classic methods of communication that characterize our society. The first communicator is certainly Daniele, here, he writes the texts and I believe that in doing so you imagine how to convey those messages through my figure, through body movements, looks, expressions … They are certainly not messages of immediate and obvious interpretation: we are not the GF.

D. Definitely a non-trivial communication, capable of addressing deep and delicate themes, even through a smile, using the classic elements typical of Italian comedy. Precisely for these reasons, we try to build a new, young, dynamic, realistic but at the same time refined and culturally elevated language. Starting from these delicate premises, the presence of Marco as an actor / model constitutes an added value for the entire project.

And what kind of communication do you like to “avoid” from users and spectators?

M. We avoid what we take for granted. I’ll give you an example, fitness: here, who says it is simply linked to physical appearance? Fitness hides important messages such as dedication, constancy, perseverance, all elements that are intertwined with everyday life and which, perhaps, are the basis of success.

D. A foregone communication, not very deep or not very bright that does not wink at current events, at the world around us with its changes and disturbances. A communication consisting of the usual clichés, certainly more popular and well-known, but not very incisive to dig deeper into certain issues that one wants to tell.

The funniest thing that happened to you while shooting the clips?

M. While I was reading this question my thought was one: Daniele risking drowning during a shooting; but I could go on forever. Here, this is another thing that characterizes us: the perfect mix of fun and professionalism.

D. When we shoot the clips, funny things always happen, because joy and lightheartedness must never be missing. So my memories go to a small car accident in my garage during a shooting, as well as a fall into the sea or on a wheel in a gym; not to mention little anecdotes that happen during filming, like a bad joke or a jammed shirt button, things that set the stage for a moment of pure fun.

The contents, both videos and poems, are the result of your meeting. Who’s picking what?

M. Daniele is the mind, I am the arm. Although, to be honest, I don’t like “labeling” our roles. I mean: Daniele and I understand each other without speaking and our projects are born precisely because we are in harmony. I could say that while he imagines a scene, I replay it without him having to give me too many indications.

D. Despite having well-defined roles, every decision is made by mutual agreement, without even wasting too much time, because Marco and I travel on the same wavelength. Precisely for this reason, we can quickly create a photo shoot or a video, without even too much effort.

What kind of message do you aspire to reach? Who do you want to hit?

M. Go beyond appearance, in everything, addressing everyone, without any kind of distinction: our themes are purely social and current, they concern each of us.

D. We would like to create a unique message, a communication model capable of educating people not to be afraid of the unknown, of the different, because basically being afraid of what one does not know simply means being afraid of living.

The best feedback you have received?

M. I think this interview is feedback in itself.

D. Every message from every single person, who, although not knowing us personally, decided to dedicate some of his time to look at our contents and comment on them.

Your biggest ambition?

M. My greatest ambition is to dedicate the time they deserve and need to my work and my person.

D. My biggest ambition is to combine what I was with what I have become.

Your business started last March. What has this difficult year taught you and what has brought you?

M. Being forced into the house inevitably leads you to think and reflect. At the base of this project there is exactly this: to deepen predictable and known themes in a completely new way, taking nothing for granted.

D. The pandemic has made us more fragile but at the same time also stronger, making us realize many things that we previously took for granted, starting with the affections that surround us. Marco and I simply decided to take advantage of this time, to create something beautiful in such a bad moment.

Have you set goals for 2021, both personal and professional?

M. We would be hypocritical if we said that being noticed by the general public is not one of our projects. I think it’s okay to admit it.

D. Simply be appreciated for what I write and for the messages we want to convey.


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