“Special Forces: Origin of Snake Eyes” new character posters are impressive-Movie-cnBeta.COM

Recently, the new character poster of “Special Forces: Origin of Snake Eye” was released. Snake eye is facing away from the camera with a samurai sword hanging behind it.Other characters also hold bows, crossbows, swords, etc., with a compelling momentum. The film will be released in North America on July 23.

“Special Forces: The Origin of Snake Eyes” is directed by Robert Swink, with Evan Spiriotopoulos in charge of the script. Henry Golding played Snake Eye, Andrew Koji played the Ninja White Ghost, Samara Weaving played the redhead Scarlett, Iko Uais played Master Harder, Ursula Corvero played the Baroness, Peter Mensa plays the blind guru, and Haruka Abe plays Akiko.

“Special Forces: Origin of Snake Eye” tells that Snake Eye rescued an heir of an ancient Japanese family named “Arashikage”. After that, he was accepted as a member of the family and went to Japan. Arashikage taught the skills of the snake-eye ninja warrior, but also provided what he had always wanted: a home. But when his past secrets are revealed, Snake Eye’s honor and loyalty will be tested, even if it means losing the trust of those closest to him.


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