Spider-Man Star in Uncharted Adaptation: Sony Releases Trailer for “Ancharted: Not On The Cards” | Page # 4

Company Sony Pictures officially published on the network the debut trailer of the film adaptation Uncharted, in which the main roles were played Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

The premiere of the film in cinemas will take place February 10, 2022 in Russia and February 18 in the USA.

Brief synopisis:

“The plot revolves around how rivals Nathan Drake (Holland) and Victor” Sally “Sullivan (Wahlberg) became loyal allies and adventurers. Together, they will unveil one of history’s greatest mysteries.”

A dubbed version of the video in Russian has also appeared. In our country, the tape will be released under the localized name “Ancharted: Doesn’t appear on the cards“.

Video about filming:

The director of “Ancharteda” was Ruben Fleischer, who directed “Venom” and two parts of “Zombieland”. In addition to Holland and Wahlberg, the tape also played Sofia Taylor Ali (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Daddy Gabriel (“Tarantula”) and Antonio Banderas (“Interview with the Vampire”, “Desperate”).

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