Sportsmen addicted to manga

Manga and other animes fascinate a large number of athletes, like the many people who particularly appreciate this art, especially in France. It is therefore not surprising that various athletes frequently display their love for this universe, on their social networks or elsewhere!

Focus on these professional sportsmen really addicted to manga and to all this universe, their preferences as well as their professional career.

The world of cosplay is more and more popular

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Mike Daniels

While waiting for the next NFL season, Mike Daniels must already work hard with his team of the Cincinnati Bengals and it is very likely that he will rest after his long training sessions in front of animes. His team are not starting favorites to win the 2022 season as Betway odds them at 101.00. It is therefore a safe bet that he cannot currently spend a lot of time in front of his favorite manga every day. If he wants to make his rating more obvious and surprise American football specialists as well as fans of sport bets around the world, Mike Daniels, like his team, must continue to whip to be able to make a difference in the next NFL season.

An inveterate fan of this universe, Mike Daniels has for the record, sometimes made laugh his teammates and attracted the chronicle by arriving for example disguised for certain matches. This was the case, for example, when he was evolving with the Green Bay Packers and when he appeared in Naruto cosplay.

Before the matches played on Sunday, its program is punctuated to the minute. In its preparation, he leaves an important place for muscular awakening, for team meetings and meals, then for rest, where he always takes the opportunity to watch an anime. JoJo’s, Dragon Ball Z, Black Clover are all integral parts of his favorite manga and Daniels admits it: watching them relaxes him before matches.

Among the other American football players who are particularly fans of the manga universe, we also find Geno Atkinins, Cameron Jordan, Larry Warford and Adam Gettis.

Mathieu Bastareaud

Center then third row, Mathieu Bastareaud is a reference in French and international rugby, having compiled 54 selections and carried the blue captaincy on several occasions. Her almost unbelievable power makes him an amazing and exceptional defensive player.

Big fan of the world of manga and of Japan in general, Mathieu Bastareaud is undoubtedly possible, the biggest fan of this universe within French rugby, having over the course of his visits to the French Stadium, in Toulon or now in Lyon, urged his closest teammates to do the same.

From his mouthguards in the colors of Dragon Ball Z, one of his favorite animes, to the dedication of a copy of One Piece, rugby and this universe are never far away for Mathieu Bastareaud.

When he was still a player in the harbor of Toulon, the Frenchman said he was the only one in the team to read manga. Passion discovered thanks to his brother, he perpetuated it to do so today with his son.

Before training or on match days, Bastareaud is used to watching animes and reading manga when his team travels.

Naruto is one of the most iconic anime characters

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Rousey round

The female face of the UFC and now retired from the Octagons, fighter Ronda Rousey is also famous for her love of anime, especially Dragon Ball Z.

Almost embarrassed, she had even declared a few years ago at the microphone of ESPN, to have “a kind of virtual crush for Vegeta”.

Lauri Markkanen

The Finnish basketball player now under contract with the Chicago Bulls revealed that he discovered the Dragon Ball series at an early age, at his home in Finland.

Like a large number of professional athletes, this general passion for manga and more particularly for anime comes from Dragon Ball, considered as you know to be one of the greatest works in history.

According to him, the 2m13 interior likes to watch and read this universe, generally on the plane.


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