Square Breathing: The tutorial in the Mind-Training podcast

It’s like a pair of glasses to be able to focus on some things in my life

This is just one of the many enthusiastic comments received from Laura Antoninivoice of Radio DEEJAY, e Alessandro Mora, mental coach and master trainer in neuro linguistic programming. The first season of their podcast The Train-Mind it was a real success, one of the most listened to One Podcast series in 2021-22.

The good news is that they are back with a second season and other installments dedicated to understanding and training new skills. The first two are already available: listen to them below!

“We are Avengers”: the first episode of season 2 of The Train-Mind

“Like the navy seals”: the second episode of season 2 of L’Allena-Mente

Learn to breathe with the square breathing technique

The aim of the episode is to collect some techniques to regain control of ourselves in difficult timeswhich can be among the most disparate: when you do everything to feel accepted by a group, when you feel lonely, when you have to face a question or a class test, when you think you are the only one who thinks in a certain way …

First of all, Alessandro Mora begins, we must learn to breathe.

And it seems crazy since breathing is what we do twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, but many don’t know how to do it. And then we begin to understand the power of diaphragmatic breathing, that is, more simply belly breathing. So, everything I will say in a moment has to be done by throwing out the belly when we inhale and bringing it back in as we exhale.

Thanks to this type of breathing, it is possible to exploit the power of a technique that allows us to manage our mood, reduce stress and learn to center ourselves. This technique is called box breathing (o square breathingi.e. square breathing). Here’s how it works:

As a square has four sides, in this case we divide the breathing into four parts. I inhale while inflating the belly for four seconds, hold the air for four seconds, exhale from the mouth for four seconds and finally hold the air for four seconds. And then I start again. All this for eight laps, which are about two minutes.

Square breathing is also used by the Navy Seals, the American special forces, who use the box breathing to concentrate even in the most intense fights.

After the square breathing, step number two: preparation

The new season ofTrain-Mind it is designed not only for adults, but also for a young audience, because even as a teenager you can have issues to unravel in your head. Alessandro Mora e Laura Antonini invite all listeners and listeners to share feedback and comments on their social pages, to make the podcast as interactive as possible.

After explaining how the square breathing technique works, in the podcast The Train-Mind we talk about what it should be the second step to take when you feel stuck: be prepared and have an answer to give.

Disappointment requires proper planning. Think about it: if you already know that those people will tell you that you talk too much, you speak little, that you are too short, too tall, thin, fat, ugly, and so on and so forth, and you already know that you will be hurt as a consequence, but sorry: plan something different! Think about how you can respond completely differently and experience different emotions, perhaps using irony and self-irony.

In short, you don’t have to want others to change to feel happy: it’s too much work to do! If others don’t change, we need to change our attitude, and focus on the good reasons we have to be happy.

Mind-Training is available on all podcast platforms

The Train-Mind is a podcast-journey through techniques and benefits of good communication with others and with ourselves. In each of the episodes Laura Antonini and Alessandro Mora will guide us, through anecdotes, experiments and practical exercises, to learn the most effective strategies to better manage one’s moods and train the most useful mental attitude to achieve the set goals and live in well-being.

the podcast series The Train-Mind is available for free along with many others onapp One Podcaston the Radio DEEJAY, are Spotifyare Apple Podcast e Amazon Music.

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