Standup comedian laughed at the Vissarion sect

Vissarion is under investigation in Novosibirsk.

Russian comedian Yevgeny Chebatkov, at one of the last performances in the Standup program, expressed his attitude to the founder of the “Church of the Last Testament” sect Sergei Torop (Vissarion).

“I am very afraid of sects. Recently I learned the story of Vissarion – a dude who called himself the second Jesus Christ. He just cosplayed Jesus, dressed like him. And I don’t believe in cosplayers at all. I saw on Stary Arbat how Batman throws snus and shares it with the Joker, ”Chebatkov jokes.

“And this dude organized a commune and was arrested. And they did the right thing. Prior to that, he worked in the traffic police. Jesus from DPS. Seriously, if Netflix doesn’t film it, I will. This is a ready-made promo! Chase on the water: “Oh God, is he running after the boat ?!” Unexpected crossovers: “Dude, I’m new, but I won’t let you down. Judas”. And there are a lot of fines: “Well, young people, did they drink today?”, “Only water, Jesus from the traffic police,” adds the comedian.

The criminal case on the liquidation of the Vissarion sect is being considered in the Krasnoyarsk court. Its founder Vissarion and his assistants Vladimir Vedernikov and Vadim Redkin (ex-drummer of the Laskoviy May group) are in the Novosibirsk pre-trial detention center. The criminal case against them was taken into separate proceedings. In the fall, the trio underwent a psychiatric examination at the Serbsky Institute in Moscow.

Torop, a former policeman, founded a religious community in the 1990s in the Krasnoyarsk taiga. According to investigators, its residents, under psychological pressure, gave money to the leader. Violence, polygamy, and strict obedience to the head flourished in the sect. Adepts refused official medical care, vaccinations and delivered at home.

In September 2020, Torop and his assistants were detained in a community in the forest. They were charged under Part 1 of Art. 239 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Creation of a religious association, whose activities involve violence against citizens”).


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