Star Trek Expands Franchise With Prodigy Cartoon: Trailer

New Aliens and Kathryn Janeway in the first images of this spin-off series for kids.

After the crazy cartoon for adults, with Lower Decks, the universe of Star Trek is now aimed at the little ones with Prodigy, a brand new animated series derived from the saga, which was unveiled yesterday during Comic-Con 2021 (which is still being held in virtual mode this year). Paramount + showed off a trailer (below) that introduces new Federation heroes, aliens, who join forces to leave their home planet and explore the stars together. They’ll get lucky and stumble upon a dormant Starfleet ship …

In addition, they will receive assistance from a veteran of Star Trek, namely Kate Mulgrew who will reprise her role as Kathryn Janeway cross in Voyager and which will be the emergency training hologram integrated into the ship …

Star Trek : Prodigy will launch on Paramount + this fall.


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