Station B breaks the circle with 12 billion revenue a year, how much future can Generation Z hold up?

Original title: Station B breaks the circle with annual revenue of 12 billion, how much future generation Z can support

After a whole year of “breaking the circle” operation, station B submitted a report card on February 25: 2020 annual revenue of 12 billion yuan, compared with 2019YoYAn increase of 77%. Among them, revenue in the fourth quarter was 3.84 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 91%.

Compared with 2019, station B in 2020 is already very different. The main change is reflected in the content form of station B. Previously, Station B was a niche platform that was regarded as a two-dimensional, mainly animation and games. After breaking the circle, Station B entered the public’s field of vision. It included short videos of knowledge and life, as well as long video content such as documentaries, evening parties, and dramas. Both left impressive moves and moved towards a pan-entertainment platform.

However, while breaking the circle, the proud community atmosphere of Station B has also been questioned. When a new user enters, will it destroy the good atmosphere established by old users?The day before the Spring Festival this year, station B was reported in large numbers for broadcasting a controversial cartoon. Some manufacturers announced that they would terminate their cooperation and stop working at station B.advertisingAfter the launch, station B announced a special rectification. The occurrence of this incident is also one of the effects of breaking the circle. After breaking the circle, how to continue to balance the relationship between generation Z young people is also a new proposition that Station B needs to face.

What is the profit after breaking the circle for a year

For station B, 2020 is a fruitful year. On the financial report data, its annual revenue increased by 77% year-on-year to 12 billion yuan. Revenue in the fourth quarter increased by 91% year-on-year to 3.84 billion yuan. Among them, e-commerce revenue is growing the fastest, advertising,Value-added servicesThe growth rate has doubled, and game revenue has continued to increase.

What is more eye-catching than the financial report is the sudden rise in the stock price of B Station in 2020. After the 2019 New Year’s Eve party, stop BMarket valueA sudden increase of 5 billion yuan. As of the end of 2020, the share price of Station B has quadrupled in one year.

The current market value of Station B is US$43.91 billion,IQIYIHas a market value of $19.4 billion. Based on this calculation, the market value of Station B is alreadyIQIYI2.3 times.

The growth of B standing in 2020 is a history of the second dimension. In 2019, the New Year’s Eve party was held for the first time.borrow“After the Wave” of the May Fourth Youth Festival continued to be out of the circle. This year, Station B also entered the fields of drama and variety shows and e-sports.investmentHuanxi MediaThe solo drama “The Sky of the Wind Dog”, the self-made rap variety show “The New Generation of Rap”, and reached the League of Legends global tournament with the fist gamestrategyCooperation and obtained the exclusive copyright of the live broadcast platform field in mainland China for three consecutive years from S10 to S12.

The most direct manifestation of breaking the circle is user growth. In the fourth quarter of 2020, monthly active users of station B increased by 55% year-on-year to 202 million. Daily active users reached 54 million, a year-on-year increase of 42%. Paying users were 17.9 million, an increase of 103% year-on-year.

How much space is there for Gen Z

capitalmarketThe main reason for being optimistic about Station B is its ability to gather young people.Guotai JunanreleasereportSaid that the core advantage of station B lies inPositioningGeneration Z has accumulated high-quality users.

Generation Z is a general term for young people. It mainly refers to young people born between 1995 and 2009. They are also aboriginals on the Internet and prefer to seek a sense of identity and belonging on the Internet. According to the QM report, there will be 324 million Gen Z Internet users in 2020, which is a group that cannot be underestimated.

The current monthly active users of station B are 200 million. Chen Rui, chairman and CEO of station B, said that the average age of station B users is around 21 years old, and the average age of new users is around 20 years old, representing a large influx of post-00s. On December 15 last year, Li Ni, vice chairman and chief operating officer of Station B, revealed that there is one station B user in every two young people.

According to iResearch’s July 2020China Mobilethe InternetMonthly Traffic Analysis Report”, in the videoserviceIn the industry, Station B is most favored by Generation Z, with TGI (Target Group Index) reaching 135. According to iResearch’s statistics, in 2019, Gen Z contributed 59% of its revenue to online entertainment, and it is expected that its contribution to revenue will increase to 66% by 2023, reaching 1.3 trillion yuan. If more Gen Z join the B station and are willing to pay for the B station, the B station is expected to continue to grow.

Station BPotential worries

Station B, which is riding the wind and waves, currently has some hidden worries. Station B is still continuing to break the circle, but compared with the momentum of 2020, whether it will succeed in 2021 is still unknown. The New Year’s Eve party at station B at the end of 2020,User EvaluationObviously not as good as the previous year. On the Douban score, the 2019 gala score was 9.1 points, and in 2020 it was only 6.7 points.

After breaking the circle, station B also encountered new troubles.On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, Station B was caught in a huge controversy and was reported and boycotted by a large number of users.WeiboMany times on the hot search. The reason for the boycott of Station B comes from an anime called “Rebirth without a Job”, which is believed to have insulted women. This incident directly led to Station B and Sophie.enterpriseThe cooperation ceased, and finally, station B releasedannouncementCarrying out a special rectification action for the network environment during the Spring Festival, claiming that it will respond to the unified deployment of the National Cyberspace Administration of China and launch a one-month special rectification action for the 2021 Spring Festival network environment.

Internet observer Xin Haiguang believes that it is not that the problematic content suddenly appeared at station B, but that its long-standing problem content was popularized and popularized at station B.businessIt was discovered and enlarged after transformation. The rise of station B is based on the spoof of young people and the second dimensionculture, Under this feature, some out-of-the-box content appeared, and early B station users were accustomed to it. However, when the B station gradually grew and became out of the circle, similar content was not popular with the rapidly increasing mass users.accept, So contradictions broke out.

As of the press release on February 25, the market value of Station B was US$43.91 billion. Since the beginning of this year, the stock price of Station B has continued to rise, up 48%.However, station B is stillLoss, The latest financial report of station B shows that in 2020Net loss2.6 billion yuan, an increase from the 1.1 billion yuan loss of the previous year.In the video platform, the market value of station B is alreadyIQIYI2.3 times that ofPerformanceWhether it can support the rapid growth of stock prices is also the next question that Station B needs to answer.

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