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Original title: Station B enters the ASEAN market, hoping to replicate the domestic miracle

As a website popular among young people in China, Station B has achieved rapid development in recent years.InfluenceIt is also constantly improving.In order to improveenterpriseWhile continuing to strengthen its domestic influence, B is also actively exploring overseasmarketIn order to provide the futurelongDevelopment provides impetus. According to media sources, station B has put the Thai version of the website’s standalone application on the Google App Store at the end of 2020, and opened official Thai accounts on Facebook and Twitter. This is interpreted as the first step for the website to enter the ASEAN market.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of station B said that theirthe goalIs to be able to open up the Thai market and create aqualityAn integrated video community of animation, manga and game (ACG) content to meet thecultureAnd content ofdemand.After the preliminary layout in Thailand, station B has also entered Malaysia recently, with the purpose of providing locals withlocalizationofserviceThis also fully demonstrates the company’s ambition to expand and expand the ASEAN market.

It is reported that the Thai version of the B station APP isPositioningFor the ACG video community, the APP was launched on the Google App Store in just half a month, and the number of downloads exceeded 1 million. It can be said that it has a good start and is very similar to the development in China in recent years. This also makes Station B full of confidence in its expansion in the ASEAN market.

As a very early video website in China, although station B was established longer than the current two major social mediaWeiboIt is earlier than WeChat, but because the website has only two kinds of niche content, animation and games, for a long time, the number of users has grown slowly.Until the past two years, Station B expanded the niche cultural circle topopular cultureCircle, so that the number of users and influence of the website quickly increase.Coupled with a large number of genuine film and television dramas and variety show copyrights, New Year’s Eve parties, etc., station B has become a gathering place for young people, as well as domesticinteractiveOne of the most active websites.

Plus returnHong Kong stocksSecondary listing, And the cooperation with the BBC have made this website attract the attention of the outside world and the market is full of expectations for its future development.Regarding the expansion of Station B in overseas markets, the relevant person in charge expressed the hope that this action can enhance the original Chinese cultureproductVisibility overseas will enhance the influence of Chinese culture in Asia and the world.

In fact, this is not the first time for a domestic website to expand overseas markets. Before station B,IQIYIas well asTencentAll have started overseas expansion plans. This action at station B is undoubtedly an important onestrategylayout. Once the plan is successful, it will provide continuous impetus for the long-term development of the enterprise.

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