Successful edition: Festigame Fanta Online 2021 ends with a great call

Thousands of people followed this weekend the event that brings together video game fans from around the world, and that in this online version exceeded the expectations of the organizers.

Through the different platforms, video game lovers connected with exclusive material and top-level competitions that were defined on the third and last day.

This was stated by the Content Director of Festigame, Sebastián Rojas, who pointed out that “Frankly it was wonderful, we really exceeded all expectations by venturing into different and new platforms for our ‘traditional’ event. Our audience accompanied us with great affection from Twitch, as well as the excellent reception we have had on Booyah !, Instagram and Facebook “

There were more than 24 hours of transmission where more than 100,000 viewers were obtained, to which Rojas added that “We can only thank our audience and our sponsors who continue to support us.”

The final day of this Sunday had exciting definitions. In the Racing Cup competition the winner was Diego Muñoz; while in the Fighting tournament (Mortal Kombat 11) the winner was Scorpions Procs. Meanwhile, in the popular Soccer Cup, the winner was Patricio Vásquez with Bayer Munich.

In addition, the winners of FANTAstico Cosplay and Cosplay Legends were known, where the first place went to Dark Soul Armor and Deadly Petal Elice, respectively. Both showed talent and creativity in each of the creations.

The writer Christie Golden was one of the great guests of this edition, who referred to her work and experience at Blizzard talking about literature and gaming.

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