Sugar Apple Fairy Tale anime announced its premiere date

In the website official for the anime adaptation of the light novel Sugar Apple Fairy Tale it was announced that the series is scheduled to begin its broadcast in Japan from January 6, 2023. In addition, a promotional video has been published showing a fragment of the anime’s opening and closing theme.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale – Official Trailer

[Book PV]TV anime “Sugar Apple Fairy Tale” / Sugar Apple Fairy Tale PV

  • The anime’s opening theme song will be performed by Minori Suzuki and will be titled “Musical«
  • The ending theme of the anime will be performed by Sumire Morohoshi and will be titled “Kanaeru» (To Grant)

Additionally, on the anime’s official website Sugar Apple Fairy Tale The new members of the voice cast who will participate in the series have been presented along with a new visual image.

Takuma Terashima as Cat

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime 1

Reiji Kawashima as Jonas

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime 2

Yuto Uemura as Keith

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime 3

Voice Cast Members:

  • Yuka Nukui as Anne Halford
  • Masaaki Mizunaka as Shawl Fem Shawl
  • Rie Takahashi as Mythril Lid Pod
  • Tomoaki Maeno as Hugh Mercury
  • Takuma Terashima as Cat
  • Reiji Kawashima as Jonas
  • Yuto Uemura as Keith

Staff Members:

  • Youhei Suzuki is in charge of directing the anime
  • the animation studio JC Staff is in charge of producing the anime
  • Seishi Minakami is in charge of the anime composition
  • Haruki Iizuka is in charge of the anime character design
  • Hinako Tsubakiyama is in charge of composing the anime’s soundtrack

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Anime Visual 1

the light novel Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is written by Miri Mikawa and illustrated by Akiand its publication began through the publishing label Kadokawa Beans Bunko of Kadokawa since April 2010. The light novel has come to an end in 2015, and has a total of 17 volumes.

The work has a manga adaptation that is in charge of Aito Yukimuraand began its publication through the website Hana to Yume Online since November 2012.

synopsis of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale:

After her mother passes away, Ann decides to become a “Silver Sugar Master” like her mother, a highly respected occupation in the Highland country where very few masters of the trade exist. Ann leaves for the town of Lewiston, where the royal family is holding a sugar sculpture festival. To become a Silver Sugar Master, she has to win first place and receive a royal medal.

In this world, humans treat fairies as slaves and take one of their wings to control them. Ann reluctantly buys a fairy named Shall to be her bodyguard on her way to Lewiston and she is torn between freeing Shall or needing a bodyguard on the perilous roads to the festival.

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