“Summer Render” – an announcement of an anime about a mysterious incident on an apparently calm island

139th and final chapter of the manga “Summer rendering” (Summertime Render) came out with a whole bunch of announcements. The manga will receive two adaptations at once: anime and live action. Adaptation formats and other details will be announced later.

Having lost his parents, Shinpei Ajiro lived for some time on the island of Hitogashima with his sisters Kofune, Mio and Ushio, and then moved to Tokyo. But after receiving the news of the death of Ushchio due to an accident, he returns. However, seeing the bruises on the body of the deceased girl, he begins to doubt the reasons for the death of the girl. And soon Shinpei becomes convinced that there is another explanation. Dangerous creatures roam among the islanders, and Ushio, who appeared to him in a vision, asks him to “save Mio”.

Yasuki Tanaka has been releasing mystery manga on the Shonen Jump + platform since October 2017. The final chapter was released on January 31st. The thirteenth and final volume will go on sale on April 2.

Officially, the manga can be read in English. here.


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