“Summer Render” – release date and format of an anime thriller about incidents on a mysterious island

Opened the official anime website “Summer rendering” (Summertime Render) announced that the film adaptation will be in television format and will begin to appear in 2022. Also, live action will be filmed based on the manga.

Shinpei Ajiro, who lost his parents, lived for some time on the island of Hitogashima with the Kofune sisters, Mio and Ushio, and then moved to Tokyo. But after receiving the news of the death of Ushchio due to an accident, he returns. However, seeing the bruises on the body of the deceased girl, he begins to doubt the reasons for her death. And soon Shinpei becomes convinced that there is another explanation. Dangerous creatures roam among the islanders, and Ushchio, who appeared to him in a vision, asks him to “save Mio”.

Yasuki Tanaka has been releasing manga on the Shonen Jump + platform since October 2017. The final chapter was released on January 31st. The thirteenth – last – volume was published on April 2.

Officially, the manga can be read in English. here.


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