Sumoplay film

The Sumoplay movie tells a story about a boy from Sumotown chasing his dream of becoming a great Rakishi (sumo wrestler). When he’s shy, nerdy and small in size, the boy has always been a target for bullies in school. But with a strong mind, he pursued his dreams with courage and determination. This is the journey of how the little boy invented the sport called Sumoplay. About Sumoplay Sumoplay is the abbreviation of Sumo + Cosplay. It is a new sport inspired by traditional sumo wrestling and the cosplay subculture. The sport takes place in a ring like the traditional sumo wrestling while the Rikishi (sumo wrestler) wears a special suit that not only provides protection but also improves their strength during the match. Each costume is designed specifically for the Rakishi who wears it and equips the player with a unique fighting power in the ring. To see more information about Sumoplay please visit Credit: Directed by Kun-i Chang Story by Kun-i Chang, Shihwen Lin Music: Mathew Rock Talent Voice: Shihwen Lin, Miguel Angel Hernandez

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