SUN! COnnichi Cosplay Features 2010

This was my little project for Connichi 2010! THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO POSSIBLE! Without you it wouldn’t be as scary as it is! This thing was a cut-throat brunette not because it was so hard, but my cutting program hated videophiles. Model in appearance order: Watson: -Aika- Holmes: Layla Hunter: Abyssinian Ursula: Krone Arielle: Hachi ?! ???: Pannekoek Hungary: GreenHikari ???: BlueWatery Randomfotographerguy: -Mayu- Prince Irwing of Valentia: der-wahre-Hase Cloud account: Chibinis-chan Haruto Sakuraba: Soffel Seijuuro Shin: Sagacchi jealous of the transformation when it starts that one big war: tzama Umi Ryuuzaki: CookieQueen totemokawaiidesuyoguynexttoUmi: Akio_Hiroki Voice: Lelis-chan Noise: Schokotoertchen Kyouya Hibari: Tutiya Sawada Tsunayoshi: Natsume Kamui Gakupoid: Subaru-chan Squalo: Yosaka D: : DaisukeSB ???: Isadora ???: his companion Princess Tutu: sakura_b Princess Krähe: Satoshi-kun Shinku: Marino Suiginto: Deval Nia: Kojiu Viral: Rei_Kashino Simon: Firi_Akira ???: Silk ???: Missie Gareas Elidd : Mondfisch Ernest Cuore: izuka himBARNEYSTINSONself: J0ey herBINDEHAUTENTZÜNDUNGself: Lilychouchou estelle: Nade-chan HerHOTself: Chala herTIREDLOOKINGself: Shiho-Cherry HerELECTROCUTEself: Awesomesauce hisELWARDIAN-Amys: ??? : -magi- hisPRINCESSself: Asukai herNOTAMUSEDself: Fussel- Nia: Yumee HerXTINAness: Xtina Simon: Yamane ???: -Cage- herHALFCOSPLAYself: -Boa- Toris Lorinaitis: Makki Felix Lucasiewcz: Saria-chan Vash Zwingli: ??? herHÜNDCHENself: Talchy Kyouya Hibari: Pretender Xellos: Zel0s Turkey-inspiration-Girl: ??? Sweden-inspired-boy: ??? Suzaku: ??? Gino MOTHERFUCKING Weinberg: Lucky Monkey D. Luffy: Naraku Woody: ??? Boo Peep: ??? Kasane Teto: Kura_sama Antonio F. Carriedo: Calli Lovino Vargas: yuugi-mouto Nice blonde girl: Dai’s sister! blonde girl: ??? Tall guy: ??? other blonde girls: ??? hisRANDOMASIANGUYself: NightmareLuffy Boa Hancock: Ninifee Dino Cavallone: ​​??? Brown haired girl: ??? Signnomminggirl: ??? Other girls with pointy ears: ??? Very surprised guy with glasses: ??? HisHAMSIself: Hamsi Very stylish guy: ??? strange girl in front of the City Hall with almost illegible signs: you really Thank you so much again! this video is meant to give you a warm, soft feeling. Everyone knows cosplaystress. The feeling you get when your cosplay partner cancels the week before the con, it’s 3 days before the con and the wig you ordered MONTH ago still doesn’t happen, you have a big zit on your nose, however you keep the flu damn, your zip worn the morning of the con, you lost your badge, something with the hotel reservation went wrong, your shoes are hell on heels, someone posted things mean online, anogtherone was stole the original idea for a clean deisgned costume, these idiots made the exact same skit as you did last year and put better, nobody takes your picture of the costume you like most …. There are many things that make you in distress and most of the time you ask yourself why you do cosplay, why they don’t finally give up. But I ask you instead to ask yourself why you haven’t given it until now! Because you actually like it. You love all the good aspects, the time you get to spend with friends from far away, the three days of a year you get to forget all the problems at home, school and work, congratulations to the random strangers make you , when the costume you worked long for is finally done and looks good, the amazing photos your photographer just sent you from the spontaneous photo shoot, the first place you made in the cosplay contest …. So every times cosplay gets you down, think of the aspects that lift you so much you continue to do it. Just smile!

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