Supanova Melbourne 2011 – disGlee

This is a skit dedicated to both our love for Disney and Glee, I’m cosplaying the Snow White from the band. The whole day was an amazing experience, also practicing our routine for the first time this morning we were asked for a photo by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost! The Sun Herald ( captured us chasing Jack Sparrow and most importantly I made some new friends in the small world of cosplay that I can take care of forever 🙂 Video taken by G (, distributed by Sefie (http: // ~ The background video was completed by Erin (, and voice over by Aly ( Alice – Erin (http: // yues-fanm Ariel – Jess ( Aurora – Kibble ( Belle – Aly (http: //cescat.deviantart. com) Cinderella – J ( Eilowny – Siera ( Esmerealda – ( Giselle – Tess (http: / / Jasmine – K ( Kida – Tori ( Lil o – Sefie ( Mulan – Judith ( Rapunzel – Echo ( Snow White – I, Celina ( You can read my blog at ~ You can visit my cosplay folio at ~ Follow me on twitter ~ Like me on facebook ~

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