Super Crooks, the new trailer for the Jupiter’s Legacy spin-off Netflix anime series

As fans already know, Jupiter’s Legacy, famous series of Neflix, also visible on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick, was canceled after just one season.

It seems that the show has not met the expectations of the company, despite the good public success achieved for the first eight (expensive) episodes.


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However the streaming platform has decided to give the franchise another chance and will host in its catalog Super Crooks, the spin-off animated series of Jupiter’s Legacy.

This new product will focus on the protagonists of the homonymous comic miniseries created by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu.

There will be directing Motonobu Hiro and the production will be entrusted to the studio Bones, already famous for other famous anime TV series come Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Mob Psycho 100 e My Hero Academia.

Super Crooks will have 13 episodes of about 30 minutes each and will retrace all the events of the 2012 comic miniseries.

Goodbye to Jupiter’s Legacy and welcome to Super Crooks

In a recent tweet Mark Millar talked about the Jupiter’s Legacy universe and what the future of franchise[MC1] . Despite the painful decision to “let go of the cast” of the series, the efforts of Netflix and all the production are, at the moment, projected towards Super Crooks and the “parallel worlds” to the main story. The author does not exclude that in the future there may be new episodes of the universe of Jupiter’s Legacy, perhaps “emigrating” to a different platform that wants to trust the project and what it can give to the world of entertainment.

The choice of making an animated series, however, is not accidental and offers many ideas to the authors who can maintain greater fidelity to the drawings of the famous comic and better address some issues that, for obvious reasons, would be difficult to achieve with real actors.

Super Crooks, the plot

The Super Crooks storyline is expected to echo that seen in the comics, with Johnny Bolt looking for ways to succeed in the crime world with other masked supervillains.

The real problem, however, are the superheroes who every time manage to intervene in time and stop the group’s conquest plans. The idea then is to leave the United States, where there are too many superheroes, and go to a more “defenseless” state where you can act undisturbed and without the risk of being stopped by the hero on duty.

Spain is chosen, which does not seem to have costumed characters to defend its borders; so the group of villains move to Tenerife with the hope of starting the new business, but they still don’t know that they will have to deal with an unexpected threat that could ruin their dreams of glory.

This is, of course, the “original” plot that appeared in the comic miniseries, the Netflix product for reasons of time may vary in some steps.

The animated series should arrive on Netflix on November 25th and will also be visible on Sky Q and through the app on Now Smart Stick.


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