Supercazzola di Grillo: “Strawberries are ripe …” And Conte goes to the top 5S

Something is moving. And it goes in the direction of supporting a Mario Draghi. The 5 Star Movement is preparing for consultations with the prime minister in charge, who expects to have broad support in Parliament to respond responsibly to the appeal launched by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. The group is split between aperturists and intransigents: for this reason it was deemed necessary to land in Rome Beppe Grillo, to quell souls and confront the various souls who have emerged in these days. “The strawberries are ripe. The strawberries are ripe. Above the profiles“, he wrote on his social profiles. Meanwhile, the big names gathered in Montecitorio, in the presence of the Genoese comedian, Giuseppe Conte, Luigi Di Maio, Vito Crimi, Paola Taverna, Davide Casaleggio, group leaders Davide Crippa and Ettore Licheri and outgoing M5S ministers.

In these hours the desire to have members vote on has sprung up Rousseau the possibility of being part of a majority to support the former president of the European Central Bank. Luigi Di Maio commented on this in an interview with The print: the foreign minister stressed that “it was voted for both Count I and Count II” and so “if it is requested again this time, the members will express themselves quickly“. Pure Casaleggio yesterday he had pointed in the same direction: “I met several parliamentarians and ministers here in Rome. Whatever the possible political scenario will be, there is broad consensus on the fact that the only way to have a cohesion of the 5 Star Movement will be to ask the members about Rousseau“.

The “conditions” of Grillo

During the morning the guarantor of the 5 Stars on his blog he published a series of “conditions”, of proposals to guarantee support for an executive led by the former ECB number one. Among the requests made are the creation of a Ministry for Ecological Transition by merging the current Departments of the Environment and Economic Development and appointing “a person of high scientific profile and visions“; the conferment to the relative minister of the competence of energy policy; the reduction”of corporate income tax from the current 24%” all “benefit company“and to those who become; the establishment of a Higher Council for Sustainable Development -“with consultative value, but with great authority and intense public communication“- composed of personalities”of the highest scientific profile“and appointed by the President of the Republic for a long term (from 5 to 10 years); the reduction of subsidies environmentally harmful “scheduling the reduction as a matter of urgency and with technical / fiscal / social shock absorbers for the disadvantaged categories“.

The summit

During the summit with the staff of the 5 Star Movement in the Chamber, Grillo would have held “45 minutes of show“animated by shouts and applause. A long monologue in which he invited the group to be compact:”We must defend our themes and put the environment at the center“. It was also to speak Giuseppe Conte, which would have emphasized the importance of the majority perimeter: “At the moment it is not important to know if I will be part of the government“. “We cannot stand by, we must be there and manage the Recovery Plan“, would have been the position of Roberto Fico according toAdnkronos. The assembly should be updated at the end of the meeting with Draghi. In some internal chats there is some bad mood for a meeting reserved only for former exponents of the outgoing government. But Sergio Battelli, president of the European Affairs Commission, took care of throwing water on the fire: “I do not believe. When Beppe is around everyone calms down“.

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