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Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld (Jap. Sword Art Online -Alicization- War of Underworld From: to A: then Onrain -Alicization- Uo ob Andavarudo) is a 2019 Japanese anime series, a continuation of the first part of Sword Art Online: Alicization and season 3, as well as the second part of the anime series Sword Art Online, adapted from the light novel of the same name written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec. It was produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Manabu Ono. It includes Alicization Arch and an adaptation from the fifteenth volume of the novelAlicization Invasion“To the eighteenth volume”Alicization is durable».

The series will air from October 12, 2019 to September 19, 2020.

After Kirito killed Quinella, Kirito fell into a coma after being hit by a bright flash and passed out due to damage to the Fluctlight when the attacker cut the power to RATH. The conflict escalates when US forces attack the RATH facility on Ocean Turtle in an attempt to capture ALICE for an unknown purpose. Two intruders – Gabriel Miller (Super Account Dark God Vector and Sabilizer) and Vassago Cassals (Super Account The Dark Knight and PoH) – took control of two characters of the Dark Territory, uniting the giants of the Dark Territory, goblins, ogres, orcs, dark knights, dark magicians and were afraid to help them. Asuna, Leafa, and Sinon used SoulTranslator with super accounts Stacey, Terraria and Soluswhile Silica, Lisbeth, Klein and Agil still used their ALfheim Online avatars to enter the Underworld. With the help of all his friends, Kirito managed to stop the attackers as well as foreign players that Vassago persuaded, and safely retrieved ALICE From the Underworld, which received a physical body – with Miller (killed by Kirito and Alicia Klingerman) and Vassago (killed by Kirito) killed in process, Crites threatens to destroy the Ocean Turtle with explosives in retaliation for the deaths of Gabriel and Wassago, Kikuoka kills Brigg and Hans with a pistol, while Nakanishi was hit by Hans’ attack, was shot in the leg, and Akihiko Kayaba as an installation robot Niemonato prevent the explosion to destroy the Critter’s Ocean Turtle by pulling very hard on the cable and destroying the cable. from explosives. Critter in a submarine on his way home after leaving the Ocean Turtle, Critter regretted that the bomb hadn’t detonated Kayaba and was saddened by the death of his captain only to bring back the bodies of Gabriel and Brigg, who died because they were killed. Kirito, Alicia and Kikuoka, except for the bodies .. The dead Vassago, who were still in the STL room, Gabrielle and Brigg, were buried in America.

Doctor Rinko Kojiro launched an AI named Alice Zuberg after the Underworld War and the murders of Gabriel and Vassago ended, Kirito was still very saddened by Eugeo’s death, and Leafa advised him, and the next day Kirito’s cell phone received an incoming call from Kojiro and he popped out your home. find the package received from RATH contains Alice.

Scheita (Jap. Shyeta)
Seiyuu: Lynn (Japanese); Justine Huxley (English)
Scheta Synthesis Twelve (Jap. Shyeta Synthesis Twelve) was the twelfth Integrity Knight. The knight who matched the two names for “silence”. He is silent and devoid of emotional expression. Bercouli was also a terribly frightened swordsman and gave the Administrator the Black Lily Sword, a sacred tool for cutting everything.
Renry (Jap. Renri)
Seiyuu: Mutsumi Tamura (Japanese); Morgan Berry (English)
Renri Synthesis Twenty Seven (Jap. Renri Synthesis Twenty Seven) was the twenty-seventh integrity knight and he was one of the youngest integrity knights, having received the title at the age of 15. Becoming an outstanding swordsman, he accidentally killed his best friend in the Unification Tournament and developed a fear of murder. This stigma stuck to him even after his memories were lost as he curled up in a ball after the battle. During the last stress test, he was sent to the squad, but before that he escaped. However, he witnessed Kirito’s attempt to save Ronye and Tize despite not being able to, and overcame his cowardice by saving them and defeating the goblin’s head.
Gabriel Miller (Jap. Gabriel Miller) / Dark god vector (Jap. Dark God Vector) / Sabilizer (Jap. Those who steal the soul)
Sayu: Akira Isida, Ri Kugimiya (young) (Japanese); Greg Chun, Amanda Miller (young) (English)
Miller is the main antagonist of the Underworld War of the Alicization Arc. He is the chief tactical officer for Glowgen Defense Systems and the son of the former president and founder of the company. At a young age, he killed his childhood friend Alicia Klingerman, only to see if he could see his soul, making him obsessed with death. He played Gun Gale Online (GGO) and won the 1st and 4th Bullet of Bullets on Japanese GGO servers. He then directly ordered an attack on the Ocean Turtle and used the Soul Translator to enter the Underworld, first as the Dark God Super Account Vector, and then as the Sublimator. In this avatar, Gabrielle plans to target Alice’s light cube because it reminds her of Alicia when she thought she was “reborn” as Alice. But Asuna managed to send Alice’s light cube from the Underworld, and Kirito killed Gabriel, who also died in the real world. After his death, Alicia and many other souls forcibly dragged Gabriel’s emotional experiences to Hell.
Vasago Casals (Jap. Vasago Casals) / The Dark Knight (Jap. Dark knight) / PoH
Seiyuu: Tsuyoshi Koyama (Japanese); Xander Mobus (English)
PoH was the leader of the SAO Red Players’ Guild, the Laughing Coffin. He created a guild with the goal of killing other players. The slogan is “Show Time”. His fate after SAO is unknown, but it is assumed that he is still alive (with at least ten other LC members) as he is not listed as a dead player. PoH stands for the Prince of Hell and during this arc he worked for a terrorist / mercenary group. He is the illegitimate son of a Korean citizen following a rape incident. They both move to Japan, and a certain CEO falls in love with his mother and accepts them. This leads to his hatred of others. PoH is the minor antagonist of the Underworld War and Alicization Arc sub-arc loyal to the Subtilizer. PoH enters the Underworld, he captures Kirito and tries to kill him with the broken Blue Rose Sword, but is ultimately defeated by Kirito after he regains consciousness. And to ensure that PoH never leaves the Underworld and pursues him in the real world, Kirito turned PoH into a Demon Tree.
Crites (Jap. Critter)
Seiyuu: Isshin Chiba (Japanese); John Allen (English)
Team Gabriel and Vassago, the only ones who were not a fighter. He was captured, but has very high hacking skills. His heart was at ease even when his comrades were trapped by the militant Vassago. After the death of Gabriel and Vassago, he threatened to bomb the Ocean Turtle, but Akihiko Kayaba thwarted him as a positioning robot.
Wanted (Jap. Iskan)
Seiyuu: Taku Yashiro (Japanese); Hoi Dao (English)
One of the ten heroes who rule the Dark Territory, the tenth champion of the martial arts guild. Despite being young, his abilities were the best among the warriors. Will not be affected by attacks other than fists.
Di I El (Jap. DIL)
Seiyuu: Yuko Kaida (Japanese); Kari Walgren (English)
General Guild of Anthropologists. A beautiful woman with very high self-esteem. They hated goblins, orcs and giants. She is an ambitious woman who plans to succeed on her own after a while.
Lilpirin (Jap. Lilpyrin)
Seiyuu: Junya Enoki (Japanese); Alex Le (English)
Orc chieftain. A merciful lord rarely seen among the orcs. However, due to their beauty and inferiority in relation to their race, they had many difficulties and hostility towards them.

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