The year 2012

All the images of 2012 compiled into a video and played back at 24fps. A total of 21,653 edited and un-edited images were used to make this video. * WARNING – Video is not recommended for people with epilepsy due to the fast nature of the video. *

All Mixed at Wai-Con 2012

All shenanigans participants woke up to the Wai-con weekend. Enjoy the video and hope to see you all next year. Disclaimer- We do not own any audio used in this video and it was created for the purpose of sharing the joy of cosplay.

Always a good time

This is a Musicvideo about our cosplay meeting in Germany / Koblenz; 3 And he said, Aniko. This is some kind of present for my people xD and a “Thank you” for them! Thanks for the funny days; D have fun!