Michael Lorenzana: Demo reels 2012-2013

My videography work from 2012-2013 clips include: Time-Error Reel Ateneo Judo Invitation Pilipinas Cup: Woodrose Prom Trailer: Gatsby’s Great One Million Light Philippine Casting Sponsored by Energizer Music Reel of Artists: Urbandub, Penguin, Gloc- 9, Sandwich, Franco DSAP (Drug Store Association of the Philippines) 17th National Nestle Convention: Coffee Academy, University Activation (girl and coffee) […]

Photoshoot TANK GIRL!

Tank Girl Model: Kaia Bellanca, Zoie Vandal, Kahlil Jitahidi Makeup / FX: Jen Amorella-McKimmey Styling: Danielle Brown Props: Danielle Brown, Kaia, Zoie, Rob Video: Pablo Herrera, Jeremy CAldwell Photography: Gerard Goh

The last cover goodbye

Artist / Costume by Manz (Kurai Hisaki) www.facebook.com/kuraihisaki Art by Sylvia Chan sylviaartwork.com www.facebook.com/sylviachanart Mixed by Glenn Lau Score Arrangement by Jennifer Mark Made by Jessica Zheng www.facebook.com/ j3sszheng Directed by Trevor Tse www.trevortsestudios.com www.facebook.com/TrevorTStudios www.youtube.com/electrifyed

Cynthia: Cosplay a

The idea behind this short documentary, has peeled back the curtain of what Cosplay is. I wanted to show cosplay in a fun way, but geeky, but not quite fringe. I developed this concept into a top-less talking documentary, because a lot of what I do on a daily basis is self-talk, and I was […]

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