The workshop was led by Michel Prouvé, seventh dan

They were able to resume aikido During a meeting of the interdepartmental aikido committee of Au-vergne, Olivier Randreza, professor at Prémilhat, proposed the candidacy of the young local club to organize the aikido recovery course. Following the deconfinement and especially the resumption of contacts since the beginning of July which have affected so-called contact sports […]

Anime music festival “ANIMAX MUSIX 2021” Part1 / Part2 will be held on Saturday, November 20, 2021 at Yokohama Arena for the first time in two years! | Animax Broadcast Japan Co., Ltd. Press Release

The anime channel will broadcast “ANIMAX MUSIX holding announcement special number” live from 20:00 on Thursday, July 15, 2021 and will hold the anime music festival “ANIMAX MUSIX 2021” at Yokohama Arena for the first time in two years. Along with the announcement to be held by the audience, we announced the start of pre-sale […]

Utilization of AI for “animation production” challenged by Preferred Networks–Will the role of creators change? –CNET Japan

The online conference “CNET Japan Live 2021” was held throughout February under the theme of “A new business that redefines common sense opens up an unprecedented era.” On February 4, under the title of “Challenge to Digital Asset Generation and New Expressions Utilizing Deep Learning,” the Preferred Networks, which researches and develops deep learning AI […]